Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 8, 2012, Good Hygiene for the Soul, Virgo Full Moon

Today’s cosmic event is a hearty Full Moon, which is felt in the earthy element of Virgo. The Full Moon explodes from the inside out, releasing what we’ve been holding onto,while occasionally displaying it for all to see. Sometime’s, there’s just no holding back during the Full Moon, which is obvious when people claim how […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: October 3, 2011, Enforcing our Rules, Mars square Jupiter rx

Reactions and movements can be off guard, quick, and grand as Mars squares Jupiter rx in the wee hours of the morning, From whatever direction that we thought we were pursuing in our lives, our course takes a hard U-turn. We’re taking care of number one and saving our own behinds. No apologies, as it’s […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday August 26, Communications Flow, Mercury Stations Direct

Energy is revived as Luna steps out from the soggy puddles of Cancer, and onto the dry lands of Leo. Nothing holds us back now, as sensitivities roll off our back. We prowl along our territory line, protecting what is dear to our hearts. The energy of Leo Moon is favorable for management, leadership, theatre, […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday April 22

Lawn chairs, check. Blankets, check. Sour worms, check. Reminder: Lyrids meteor event on Friday morning, after midnight. A number of fluctuating aspects to Luna throughout the day, could have us experiencing some ups and down. As she shifts into serious Capricorn, we’ll be cautious not become a slave to our emotions, by concentrating on our […]