Cosmic Dirt Astrology, February 29, 2012

We should watch where we are going as Luna squares naive Neptune and self-centered Sun. While it’s wonderful to utilize our personalities and talents to rise and connect with others, we need to be careful of not stepping ahead of others, to get to the front of the line. Slow down for a minute or […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday, November 12, 2011

We could find ourselves feeling emotionally confused with a few aspects that could enhance our uncertainties. Allow the Gemini Moon to help us to detach from sensitivities and typical patterns, so that we may reason with what is being experienced, rather than reacting. Make it a great day. “They may forget what you said, but they […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday February 24

There are a number of stressed aspects that can leave us feeling emotionally tense if we reject alternative options to reach our goals. Lady Moon squares impatient Mars (energy) in the morning, then flighty Mercury (communications) & uncertain Sun (ego). She finally puts a smile on our face as she trines optimistic Jupiter this evening. Luckily, […]