Cosmic Dirt, October 3 2012, Communicating Hearts, Venus enters Virgo

In the wee hours, Venus makes an exit from Leo and the need for upscale drama. For the next six weeks, Venus (values, love, money) will transit through Virgo, where we will filter, sanitize, and polish what is most closest to our heart. Venus in Virgo helps us to recognize what we already have in […]

Starcana Cosmic Dirt, September 6, 2012, Domesticate the Beast, Venus enters Leo

Venus (values, love, money) finally exits from the compassionate sea of Cancer, to step onto dry land of vivacious Leo. During the last six weeks, we had decorated ourselves in vulnerabilities and unconditional love, by sitting on the sidelines, sacrificing our fifteen minutes of fame. In Leo, the tables turn and we’re ready to be on […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday August 21, Self-Maintenance, Venus enters Virgo

The morning could feel a bit ‘off’ and confusing as Venus opposes Neptune rx this morning. There’s an edge of fogginess, where we create visions, where they do not exist. We may attempt to squeeze more from a person/situation than what actually exists. Stay grounded, as Mercury retrograde has a reputation for naughty tricks and […]