Working with a Pocketful of Sunshine, Venus enters Capricorn, Jupiter Retrograde

Venus enters Capricorn. On Tuesday, Venus will shift again, along with our values. In the recent weeks with Venus in Sagittarius, we were casually grazing upon the wide open plains where playfulness and freedom exist. We held onto to whatever (or whoever) that allowed us to do as we please, coming and going without notice, […]

Venus enters Capricorn, The Art of Business & Relationships, Astrology for January 8, 2013

Today Venus leaves target practice and Sagittarius behind, to enter into Governess Capricorn. The lady will be in the house – and she wants loyalty and respect, so good manners, support, and effort are suggested. Needs will take on more serious dreams, that are much bigger. If understand our priorities, we’ll do what we need […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday February 4, Venus in Capricorn

With all the topics and mayhem about changes and surprise happenings lately, you may be able to find a little support and comfort as dear Venus (desires, values, love, money) shifts into Capricorn for the next four weeks (hurrah for my Venus return!). During her recent visit in truth seeking Sagittarius, we ‘desired’ brutal honesty […]