Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, January 14, 2012, Hearts Magically Thaw, Venus enters Pisces

Vibrations shift as Moon exits from the safe grounds of Virgo, to let go into free-falling Libra. Emotionally, our safety net is set aside so that we may reach outside of our comfort zone. Our experiences are intellectualized under the Libra Moon, so we seek advice and information from other sources, other than from ourselves. […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday March 31

It’s a quiet and gentle day in the cosmos… Luna sextiles healing Pluto this morning, with good communications between our deep psychological self and our emotions. Sprinkle that with a little special magic dust from the Pisces Moon, and we are good to go. If you’re a new reader, you may have an interest in […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday March 27, Respect the Addiction, Venus enters Pisces

It’s a clear day in the cosmos, so we’re blessed with a clear day. As above, so below. We can totally shine as we feel amazingly productive in ambitious Capricorn. Seriously, we can shine, sparkle, cleanse, dust, wash, etc. Work feels good, and work is also good for the soul. Emotionally we need to feel […]