Wanting More From Life. Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday afternoon, and during the next four weeks, we’ll be eager to taste what life truly has to offer. What matters most, expands generously. Venus rules our values, and in the playful, wide range of Sagittarius, where our yearnings shall seduce us. Our most current importances may become a bit of […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, Braving New Heights, Sagittarius New Moon, Uranus Direct, Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius

As the cosmos flow into a new position this week, Our current direction will most likely shift right along with the movement. As above, So below. Life is in constant change, so it’s to our advantage when we learn how to flow right along with its waves. With that, and being the end of the […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Learning to Appreciate Life, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius

How do YOU spell party? However that might be, it’s time to get it on as Venus (values) and Mercury (thought-processing, communications) enters adventurous Sagittarius for the next few weeks ahead. Life is one big party to optimistic Sadge, and it’s contained with lots of fun and plenty of knowledge. For the next three weeks, […]

Saturday January 8, 2011 Horoscope

Happy weekend! The Pisces Moon allows our day to be filled with the comforts on pleasure. We’re dreamy, cozy, and happy wherever we hang our hat. Favorable energy for creative spirits, forgiving, healing, helping others, listening, and being available to spread love. We have just one aspect today, a Moon/Pluto sextile this morning that enhances […]

Friday January 7, 2011 Horoscope

Our personal desires shift as Venus enters free-spirited Sagittarius this morning. In Scorpio, her energy created a darker energy, increasing our passion for loyalty, suspicions, and emotional connections. With her movement into Sagittarius during the next four weeks, the energy illuminates light, as we seek fun, goodness, freedom, and truth. Anything that resembles a grudge, […]