Mars enters Aquarius, Brutal Winds in Friendly Skies, Astrology for December 25, 2012, Christmas

Our recent movements through life were to be more structured and thorough during the past weeks with Mars in responsible Capricorn. Today on Christmas Day, we’re ready to break some rules and leap out of bounds as Mars (energy, actions) enters individualist Aquarius. It is the time to go out and make life happen, leaving […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 20, 2012, Because I Care That Much…, Cancer Sun

Without mindfulness on this summer solstice, we could experience some uncomfortableness as Moon squares strange Uranus, then oppose Pluto rx early this morning. But the day will require good communication skills on our part as Mercury squares Saturn rx at noon. The winds of change decide to turn direction. Frustrations can develop if we aren’t […]

Wednesday January 12, 2011 Horoscope

As Mars sextiles Uranus this morning, originality and uniqueness are highly active, exciting impatient Aries Moon to push us forward. Ideas and actions are spontaneous, and contagious. We can’t help but to advance under these strong winds of change. Brainstorming is fun and magical as we think out of the box. Nervousness and irritability may […]