Test-Driving Tattered Wings, Gemini New Moon, Mars Retrograde Scorpio

Gemini New Moon, Mars Retrograde Scorpio - Test-Driving Tattered Wings - Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology

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As we attempt to move forward this week; we can find that the more we try to step ahead – the slower and much harder it can seem to get where we’re going. As Mars retrogrades through transformative Scorpio again, and for the rest of June, the deeper we’ll re-enter into a dark and familiar zone.

Just like bumping back into an estranged someone that we once knew, we can find ourselves moving back into an unresolved storm. How we react to this uncomfortable and steamy energy, depends on what we may hope to either re-ignite, or re-create anew. With the retrograde, settling into an old routine seems like the easier choice; but with Mercury (thoughts, communications) and Jupiter (abundance, fortune) both direct, we may want to consider shifting our patterns, changing the way that we would normally view, respond or react.

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Because in all honesty, if we truly want a real, transformative change, we must be willing to participate in becoming the change. And with powerful aspects from Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, we are graced with a cosmic opportunity to learn how to restructure and rebuild our hopeful dreams – through the dedicated effot of our own blood, sweat and tears.

Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen. Michael Jordan

Will this be easy? Not necessarily with the foggy Neptune aspects that intend to mislead and disorient us. And according to stern Saturn, it’s not suppose to be easy, because if we expect/want something or someone bad enough, we must learn to work hard, to earn it. So with this humble piece of information, we might want to prepare ourselves for creative blocks, construction detours and distractive temptations. The reality of our hopes and dreams will be tried hard and tested, to make us responsible and accountable – so we can stop wasting valuable time – and get busy growing again. And Saturn with his glorious rings would agree Beyonce, cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.’

The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately. Unknown

This week, let’s try to make time to listen to the music in our heart. Let’s listen to it, so we can know what’s been missing, and what we actually need more of. Then as the New Moon gains strength on Saturday June 4, we can dance with our fantasies, make a few ‘realistic’ wishes and sow our seeds of intention. The New Moon represents a start of new beginnings, new projects and a new approach to what we’re doing. With the New Moon in friendly Gemini, we can get closer to what we hunger for through communications, light and friendly conversations, writing letters, journaling, asking questions, grabbing fresh advice, mingling, networking, associating with siblings, friends, and neighbors, taking a small trip, learning a language and reaching out for another. Allow a new breath of fresh air with childlike curiosity nurture your intrigued soul. Wishing you New Moon Blessings! And for more insight, check out your June tarotscope here. Starcana tarot card insight: A peace offering. [AcePents/TwoSwords]

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