Testing Our Integrity and Foundation | Sun, Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury Direct, Sagittarius New Moon

Testing Our Integrity and Foundation | Sun, Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury Direct, Sagittarius New Moon | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology & Tarot ~ Suzi Cavallo Dronzek, Intuitive Reader, Greensburg PA

Image Credit: Starcana Inc. | Autumn adventure with my family. Happy holidays and healthy 2018!

Sagittarius New Moon. There’s a lot of movement in the air as planets continue to shift again, starting with a powerful New Moon in adventurous Sagittarius on Monday December 18. Take time to listen to what the heart needs during this time, to send out personal wishes, fantasies and dreams into the creative forces of the universe.

We are encouraged to embark upon new beginnings; from fresh starts and new projects, to launching an unused approach to an unresolved issue. With the New Moon in galloping Sagittarius, our stride should feed this new sense of hunger for ‘going the distance’. Something to satisfy this craving for wandering and adventure, which promises an exciting experience… with fun, learning, expansion, growth and purpose. Something undiscovered that could raise the bar, to challenge us to try harder and to reach higher. And if we can accept this lunar invitation to move outside of our comfort zone – there’s a good chance that we’ll appreciate how well transformation looks on us with the fiery Venus/Uranus trine on Wednesday December 20.

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Henry Ward Beecher

Saturn enters Capricorn. So while we’re busy sprinkling our heart into the universe this week, Saturn ‘The Great Teacher’ will finally exit Sagittarius (since the end of 2014), to set up camp in ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday December 19. And before I get into Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, I thought that I’d first re-share the Saturn in Sagittarius post that I had written back then. Looking back can help to compare; to better understand what was happening during the last few years, and how we may have (or have not) participated or learned…

After a few years of traveling through transformative Scorpio, Taskmaster Saturn changed signs and entered into the wide open plains of Sagittarius for the next two and a half years. Where we tend to ‘claim our individual right’, to move freely (occasionally trespassing out of bounds), as we help ourselves to move through life – we’ll find that our ‘usual path’ will detoured and under construction. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we can experience new restrictions in areas ruled by Sagittarius, ruler Jupiter and the ninth house, such as; optimism, freedom, travel, walking, adventure, journeys, exploration, expansion, the experience, risk-taking, gambling, sports, free-lancing, ‘free for all’, smiles, laughter, voicing ourself, storytelling, publications, truth, education, universities, listening, higher learning, morals, religion, church, self-righteousness, spirituality, the meaning of life, beliefs, knowledge, wisdom, obesity, with the related body parts: the liver, hips, and thighs.

As Saturn moves through Sagittarius, we’re left unguided, so that we can fall into our own traps of ignorance and limitations. Through these tougher times, we can respect Saturn’s teachings – which help us locate our own weaknesses, so that we can learn responsibility, through inner strength and self-discipline. Through this protective involvement, free hand-outs will be limited, in order to reduce waste, entitlement, while possibly decreasing the waistline. With good practice and hard work (or tough hardships for life lessons), we’ll eventually learn how to ‘tighten our own belt’ through self-improvement, and economizing; rationing where there is too much access to the excess; to conserve our fiery energy and sacred resources.

Saturn’s karmic lessons through Sagittarius can teach us how to be honest, responsible, and REAL about where we’ve been on our journey, with new concrete wisdom about where we’re actually going. We’ll learn that what we had believed in, has been untrue and unfaithful, as we collect concrete evidence on the way. Whether we like it or not, Saturn will prove what has been authentic and beneficial, but also that which has been a complete waste of time and energy. As our beliefs, with ‘all that we learned’ are generously trimmed down to the bone – we may realize that we’ve been running around in circles for a long, long, time. And this my friends, reminds me of some of the lyrics from the Talking Heads: ‘Well, we know where we’re goin’, But we don’t know where we’ve been. And we know what we’re knowin’, But we can’t say what we’ve seen. We’re on a road to nowhere’.

As Saturn (responsibilities, self-discipline) transits Capricorn over the next two and a half years; our decisions, personal responsibilities and individual accountability will be tested under a new set of restrictions and possible hardships. By taking a look at your natal chart, you can take a look at the astrological house that is ruled by Capricorn – to know where Saturn will be limiting or strengthening who you are, where you’ve remained attached while building on top of limitations, and where you’re likely to be headed.

Practice rather than preach. Make of your life an affirmation, defined by your ideals, not the negation of others. Dare to the level of your capability then go beyond to a higher level. Alexander Haig

Our inner weaknesses and personal fears will confront what we’ve been busy maintaining (or not maintaining) in Capricorn-ruled areas, such as: family, tradition, career, business, finances, wealth, property, status, reputation, authority and destination. We can simply witness what is weak and crumbling… or we can roll up our sleeves and get to work FAST, in order to protect any further deterioration or potential collapse. Whatever direction we choose, the consequence of our decision will either be a rewarded blessing… or a life lesson.

Over the next few years, we can watch positive or the ‘not so positive’ shifts on the news, such as in the areas of banks, colleges and religious institutions, big corporations, the government, real estate, construction work, police and military fields, antiques, money, retirement savings, manufacturing, the business of food, senior care, clocks, time and the value of integrity and respect. Or instead, we can watch these shifts happening much closer to home, as shifts occur in Capricorn-ruled areas: in the skeletal bones, teeth and skin – revealing that we are each individually responsible for what is broken and falling apart… or improving and stable.

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Oprah Winfrey

Saturn’s karmic lessons through Capricorn can teach us how to be in better control, as well as accountable and realistic with who we are and what we’re truly made of. It’s a time to get serious, by taking inventory of who we’ve become. To start, we can ask ourselves ‘how do *I* personally stack-up and score in areas of self-discipline, order, inner strength, wisdom, and making good on promises and verbal contracts by being true to your word? We can apply these questions toward our own personal status in the home, with family and with our closest relationships… but also with our work and service to the community. Do others take you seriously, because you are reliable, trustworthy and loyal to your word? If so, then keep on doing what you’ve been doing for Saturn’s rewards. But if there is a need for improvement, get started.

There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed. Woodrow T. Wilson

Sun enters Capricorn. The winter solstice takes place on Thursday December 21, which is known for less light and for being the longest night of the year. As we search for more light, we can celebrate by adding light into our home, by turning on the lights, adding holiday lights, lighting fireplaces and candles. We can also reach inward for our own inner light, which we’ve been accumulating all year long.

The Sun (ego, identity) also moves from seeking Sagittarius on this day, and enters resourceful Capricorn. If your inner sunshine seems to be running on empty, then it’s a good time to schedule a self-inventory that was suggested above – especially if Thursday’s Sun/Saturn conjunction produces more shadows than sunbeams.

You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Mercury Direct. Mercury (the communication expert) had stationed retrograde back on Sunday December 3. On Friday December 22, Mercury will station direct, creating a change in the winds and in our direction – helping thoughts, communications and travels to clear and move forward again. Whatever we learned during the last few weeks is a gift, and we can use it as we return to where last left off, back in November.

Venus enters Capricorn. On Christmas day, Monday December 25 – Venus (values, love, money) changes signs again, exiting from gambling Sagittarius, and entering into conservative Capricorn. Family, tradition and stability is what matters, while security and safety is what will bring us back home. What we have built for ourselves and our loved ones will determine what we will receive under a serious Venus/Saturn conjunction.

And yet, fluidity, flexibility and forgiveness are a force to be reckoned under the mystical Mars/Neptune trine on Thursday December 28. May you pursue what (or who) brings magic back into your life! Starcana weekly tarot: Taking control of what hasn’t been handled. ThreePentsRx/KingPents

And on a personal note… While I am still available for readings and consultations this week before Christmas, this will be my last writing for the year 2017. And as your comments are always welcome… I do hope that I’ve been able to service you well with positive writings and inspirational insights to help you on your path! 

Update: Vacation & Gratitude for 2017Thank you so much for allowing me to continue serving you, I genuinely appreciate you all so very much!  Since this is the last, final week of 2017,  I will be unplugging and away on a holiday break… and I’ll return back to normal business hours next week, on Tuesday January 2, 2018! ~Suzi xox  … but no worries, you can always connect with one of my psychic associates! So until we re-connect next year, I wish you and yours a happy holiday season and a healthy 2018. From my heart, to yours. ~Suzi xox

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