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Aries the Ram

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As Mars relieves passive Pisces of his duties on March 12, he will enter his natural home in fiery Aries. Energy will begin to shift quickly and dramatically. Mars is known as ‘God of War’, driven by deep desires, macho ego, and mucho testosterone. He wants what he wants, and he wants it now. This very moment. It should have been on his desk, and in his hands.. yesterday. Hurry up. Do it now. Get out of my way. Chop Chop. These vibrations will be brave and daring in the next six weeks. In heroic Aries, the batteries are fully charged, the tank is full, and we’re willing to go ‘where no man or woman has gone before’.

Watch the energy slowly manipulate itself in the weeks ahead, as fire sparks all of this watery energy. Lots of emotion gets us pumped up, or we’re taking things too personally. Electrocution is possible, so watch where you step, or enjoy the shock. As things heat up the heavens, engines are revving. Powerful energy makes life and moving forward like a race, bringing out undeniable competitiveness and survival instincts. It’s a magical time of newness, especially with new life being born and regenerated with next week’s Spring Equinox. It’s a fabulous time to move, make, and create… whether we’re working on our relationships, our business, or on ourselves.

Life’s blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed at the fire of enthusiasm. Norman Vincent Peale

Like its zodiac sign, Aries the Ram can move with his head down, focused solely on it’s own path and footing, unafraid of where he steps. Unfamiliar territories are meant to be discovered, and this can be so dangerous, yet so exciting. Stepping out of bounds is the intention. ‘Boundaries? What boundaries’? And although actions may be naive or innocent when trampling through life, it can be interpreted as being selfish and disrespectful to others. If we’re moving in ways, that concentrate solely on our own needs, with no regards of others, then we will find ourselves butting heads with others. After all, when you help yourself, at someone else’s expense, you become a threat. Mercury retrograde will enhance miscommunications regarding the steps we take, so before anything gets out of hand – state your reason and your purpose.

Do not conquer the world with force, for force only causes resistance. Lao Tzu

During the weeks ahead, we will want to prepare ourselves well to finesse these new projects, but create patience as well. Working with the Pisces New Moon can help with meditation, stress management, and trusting the divine experience. Inner balance is the key. Mars in Aries is a fast driver with a heavy foot on, so we need to be careful, and not put the ‘pedal to the metal’. Someone will be stepping on the brake, and this will be Saturn retrograde. This benefits us in ways of making sure that we learn how to move ahead, patiently, to avoid accidents and costly mistakes. But as self-image and self-entitlement grow in this fiery realm, egos will become more pushy and demanding. Like infants, there will be someone screaming to be diapered and changed… first. It’s gonna be all about ‘ME’ and ‘I’… until we learn through hardships and consequences (Saturn), to mature and think more of ‘US’ and ‘WE’.

Peace has a great deal to do with warm-heartedness and respect for the lives of others, avoiding doing them harm and regarding their lives as being as precious as our own. If, on that basis, we can also be of help to others, so much the better. Dalai Lama

As these vibrations of ‘ME’ and ‘what about ME’ becomes magnified, the room, the home, the neighborhood, and/or the world will become very self-absorbed, uncomfortable, and heated. While self-assertion and passion can help us to rise to great heights so that we may lead others into a better direction… it can also mislead, and draw out insecurities and jealousy of others. If we lose sight of the higher path, the shadows of Aries Mars will appear in ways of uncontrollable sexual activity, impatience, bullying, anger, cheating, heated disagreements, domination and abuse, fights, accidents, explosions, horrific storms, violence, and war. It’s a tactic of getting control of what frightens us.

But things will definitely be brewing underneath the surface in the weeks ahead, like a volcano retaining it’s energy. Next Friday on March 22, dark storms Mars (action, aggression) and Uranus (change, chaos) will conjunct in fiery Aries, influencing the powerful cardinal conjunction of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. New life fiercely wants to be created, and dark storm clouds are highly active. Threats are no longer just threats. Expect the unexpected, and tread lightly.

Recognize the powerful force within YOU, to make the positive change that you hope to see in the world. As we respect the elements, our fellow brothers and sisters, and ALL living things, new creations can stir brilliant changes in our personal lives, as well as for humanity. Ignoring the warning signs to feed our own needs will have it’s own karma.

Tarot insight from EightCups/KnightPentacles: Gain through sacrifice.

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