The Little Engine That Could, Jupiter enters Leo

Jupiter in Leo, Astrology BlogIn the last twelve months, there were tremendous learning opportunities through self-nurturing, for growth and emotional understanding. Today, a waterlogged Jupiter rises from the sensitive waters of Cancer, to expand onto the fiery terrain of Leo. Saturated with a stronger belief in compromise, compassion and kindness; hearts will become more expressive during the next twelve months. Emotional growth will be creatively flaunted as we learn to genuinely give of ourselves, by giving our heart to others.

Jupiter rules abundance, luck, fortune, expansion, growth and new horizons. In Leowe can experience much joy and wealth in the areas of pleasure, creative arts, children, entertainment, acting, recreation, and prowess. It’s a love-fest; where we can experience new reasons to live, laugh and love ourselves and each other, through our own shine. Some positive keywords to benefit from this transit are big-heartedness, raised self-esteem, honoring promises, living life and love generously, acts of raw courage, strengthening our back and growing a spine, long distant love affairs, unlimited willpower, creating an army of heroes and brave hearts, more confident self-image, reigning in testosterone, expanding boundaries, passionate romances, along with the art of giving from the heart. A few keywords from the shadow side could be ego-magnification, self-aggrandizement, leading with bossiness, territorial drama, over-confidant risk-takers, flirting with disaster, and huge reactions to the heat of the moment. To know how Jupiter will be gracing you with his ‘larger than life’ presence, find the house that is ruled by Leo in your chart.

He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Through this transit, we could see an increase in the heat index, which would encourage heat waves, droughts and dust storms, as well as an increase in sun flares, lightning storms, and fires. But the heavens won’t be the only place that’s heating up! Look for hot spots in business relationships and in the bedroom, but also in the brilliancy of our creative talents, the solar plexis, and our inner rising star. Tarot Toss: HighPriestess/NineWand.. Quietly preparing for another storm.

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  1. Amie Koncsol says

    Awesome! My ninth house is ruled by Leo, Jupiter in Libra… I’m guessing this will be an interesting several months. 😀

  2. Jupiter always brings something interesting, enjoy!