Thou Shall Not Waste Mouthwatering Dreams, Neptune Retrograde

Listen to the music of the soul.Today’s cosmic event features Neptune, the gentle planet of dreams, music, intuition, and compassion. Neptune will station retrograde in the wee hours of this morning, and will continue to evaporate until November. In matters of private fantasies, creative visions, and personal feelings; what we may typically share so freely with others, will temporarily begin to recede in the next five months ahead. Rather than give ourselves away, we’ll be more likely to hold onto our inner sacredness and magical secrets much closer to heart.

If you’ve experienced the uncomfortable energy of life feeling on hold, you’re experiencing the cosmos. The retrogrades tend to stall or move the pace much slower than usual, but or our benefit. What is already in retrograde, is slowing down our workforce, finances, career, and government – as it restrictions require restructure with Disciplinarian Saturn. And even though we know what has decayed and become toxic in our lives, we’re still not letting go of our disease as Transformative Pluto retrogrades. And at the end of this month, the silent whispers of Communicative Mercury will retrograde.

As Neptune flows into retrograde motion, we can experience vibrations that stir deeply within us. Sensitivities that are normally released to create flow and movement, find a way to return back to us. We are absorbing now. And with each mouthwatering emotion that we guzzle, we add more weight, that shifts a motion of confused direction. The way we imagined our life, work, relationships, and the world begin to warp and take a new shape. Amazed as these inner frequencies begin to heighten, we could find ourselves turning up the volume up on our intuitive senses. In no time, we’re high on abstracted illusions, through the magical consumption of imagination and dreams.

Abstract is divine.

And with the reality of life in such a funk, seductive Neptune does what she does best, to take away the pain. She’ll turn on the disco fog to disguise our moods. She’ll relax us with her healing psychedelics, enhancing our consciousness. We eventually surrender to her misty hallucinations – which seems to make everything better. All of a sudden, we have no doubts, no worries, no fear, and no responsibilities. Just the moment….. serenity…. exhale…. zzzz…..

Treasure these moment of nothingness. Because in the stillness, when we allow it, creativity stirs. Is it real? Or isn’t it? Who cares though. Does it really matter? Life is blurry, but it seems to be getting us where we are going, and what we want, as long as we pay no attention to the details. A different version of the truth. It is what it is.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

As the flood waters of Neptune rush in to blur our vision while memories float in from the past, we start to see life and issues differently. Imperfections seem to blend, and fade. Concentrating on reason while making logical decisions can be confusing in the months ahead. What may have made sense before, is hazy now. We feel a little more uncomfortable, as the facts seem less stable. Our intuitive nature will be speaking to guide us, and we are encouraged to listen. To get us to where we are going, we only need to listen to the music of the soul, which is attached to the strings of our heart. Artistic pursuits with colorful paintings with black and white sketches can bring insight, but so can creative expressions through writing, dream journaling, being sympathetic to others, music, photography, romantic endeavors, allowing forgiveness, being a representation of love, healing therapy, and the magic of touch. Allow this shift to move you in ways, that encourage you to genuinely move others toward better places.

By listening to our heart, we are brought back home.

When skinny-dipping with Neptune retrograde, we can get lost and carried away by what her darkness brings. Without caution, we can drown in the shadows she cleverly covers. Swimming backwards in her deep ocean, we’ll find that she can be quite intoxicating, as well as breath-taking. And she knows no boundaries. Temptations become persuasive. And depending on what we are experiencing in our individual lives, our directions can be heavily influenced through her unfiltered waters. Without a trusted purification system that keeps us protected and safe, emotional attachments can suck us into darker emotions that rely on sadness, deception, dishonesty, hyper-sensitivity, blame, fraud, self-denial, guilt, manipulation, victimization, escapism, and substance abuse, with addictions to drugs, sex, alcohol, and food.

Listen to the music of the soul, which is attached to the strings of our heart. 

We always have a choice in direction, based on our decisions. Maybe instead of searching for a way, or a solution, simply let it be. Eventually everything and everyone will reveal itself, but perhaps in this softer energy, we may be able to better accept or understand our own pursuits. But under this cosmic stream, we need to be careful that our own insecurities and vulnerabilities do not delude us from the entire truth, or we could find ourselves being deceived, by our own illusions.

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