Thrust Forward or Surrender To The Unknown

Thrust Forward or Surrender to the Unknown, Neptune AspectsAs time seems to stand still with Saturn retrograde, the pressure continues, although destination is undeniably unguided (Mars in Gemini). We’re in constant movement to pave our way towards a goal, but like treading nonstop on a hamster wheel – the only thing we may be creating is a lot of wind. Moving forward will be almost impossible as miscommunications, distractions and breakdowns (Mercury retrograde) rise unexpectedly from the past, as a way to come back to life. What had been previously misread, ignored, overlooked and/or misunderstood will continue to confront us for a final fix and resolution.

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While we may try a variety of different paths in order to figure out what the real issue has been all this time – finding the answer(s) will depend on some major brainstorming, as well as some serious footwork. And the amount of energy that we may hope to burn this week will be generously influenced by the rising waters of Neptune. Oceans of emotions will seemingly flood onto our path, streaming with powerful waves of sensitivities, imagination, hope and healing, as well as guilt, delusions and helplessness.

Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it. David Foster Wallace

With Monday’s Venus/Uranus square, expect the unexpected. What matters most could take a surprising shift. Venus (values, money, love) is in compassionate Cancer, and a safe and secure place to melt (or have a meltdown) will be needed – with or without you, according to chaotic Uranus. So the currents that we steer through (or surrender to), will determine our rise (or our fall) of probabilities this week as Sun (ego, identity), Mercury (thoughts, communications) and Mars (energy, drive) all square Neptune (dissolution, transcendence).

Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. Garth Brooks

Blood, sweat and tears will be the divine force that keep us moist with flexbility, while intuition, dreams, forgiveness and acceptance will keep us bouyant. Neptune’s fatigue, fog and sleepiness can often mislead us into hopelessly deceiving ourselves – which is a good reason to stay planted in our New Moon intentions. At the same time, we can also be led into mysterious dark waters, where fresh inspirations and new faith are reflected through some sparkling light, just up ahead – in next week’s Full Moon. Tarot insight: Receiving what we invested. NineCups/TwoPentrx

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