Tough Against The Wind, Taurus New Moon, Mercury Retrograde

Tough against the wind, Taurus Moon, Mercury retrogradeThrough transformation of the recent Scorpion Full Moon, we’ve become unleashed and unlimited with Mars in Gemini. In this new breath for life, we’ve entered a fresh sense of freedom.

And through all of the hustle and bustle, we still haven’t quite found (or settled) into what we were looking for. All this time, space and opportunity – yet seemingly, we dont seem to be going anywhere, or doing anything productive to show for our time (Saturn).

Taurus New Moon. The Taurus New Moon on Monday May 18, can help for us to settle and find direction – if we’re willing to be still, to quietly connect with the needs of our heart. This new lunar cycle will enhance our latest cravings, while encouraging a new emotional approach toward what we yearn for. With the New Moon in earthy Taurus, we can attract financial, spiritual and physical manifestations – through the simple beat of our heart. And when we do, we’ll send those vibrational messages into the universe.

As within, So without.

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Create a quiet space where fantasies, dreams, and wishes can come alive. Plant seeds of intentions. The benefits within this sacred meditation will increase when we focus on Taurus-related energies like; grounding, patience, endurance, strength, quality, appreciation for what we have, building value, family, home, work and finances.

After the meditation, invest quality time and energy into what matters most – to attract New Moon Blessings. Incorporate symbols, rich colors and styles that display an individual taste for who and what we love. With Venus, the ruler of Taurus, in the sensitive and insecure waters of compassionate Cancer, share the gratitude that exists in your heart, in order to bring beauty to another.

Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live. Jackie Windspear

Mercury retrograde. During the next three weeks, establishing firm ground may still be a it tough as Mercury stations retrograde this evening, on Monday May 18. Rather than more forward in our plans, we’ll be required to pause – in order to remember, review, reanalyze and to rethink what we’ve been communicating – but also the way we’ve been going about it.

In the weeks ahead, pay attention to what (or who) will be causing bothersome noises and other disturbances.Our attention will be called upon, to the demands of what should be re-assessed, re-evaluated and finally resolved. Distracted minds will be alerted to what is malfunctioning due to thoughtless routine, inconsiderate habit or negligent behavior. Some of us may even be confronted by the return of an old situation, an unsettled issue or with somone we lost touch. A chance to recorrect and reconnect – where wires had originally got crossed. A chance to say what we actually meant. Whether we care to approach this or not… either ‘in the now’ OR preferably later.. know that Mercury retrograde will continue to call.

 Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking.

Sun enters Gemini. The Sun will enter Gemini on Thursday May 21. During the next four weeks, we’ll lead through communications, socializing, negotiations, and reaching out to life, while lending a hand to others. Gemini’s ruler Mercury, will be retrograde – so while this may not make a whole lot of sense – it will – if we can allow ourselves to be gently swayed, shifted and moved (Mars in Gemini) from what persists to be uncommunicative, unhealthy or uncooperative. Learn to bend. Be flexible. And flow.

I am afraid to show you who I really am, because if I show you who I really am, you might not like it–and that’s all I got. Sabrina Ward Harrison

Dark clouds brew with possible storms up ahead on Thursday May 21, with a Jupiter/Pluto quincunx that can create an intensely uncomfortable setting between the truth, and the whole truth. Later, a Venus/Pluto opposition enhances an extreme uneasiness as we try to hang on to what we may still have control of. Tarot insight: Letting go, to stay afloat. FivePents/EightCupsrx

Wishing my husband a happy 25th anniversary, and may we enjoy twenty five more!

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