Tuesday, January 4, 2011 Horoscope

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsIn the wee hours of the morning, Luna hidden deep within her own shadows, escaping the limelight in the dark moon, also known as the New Moon. Like our lunar goddess, we too, withdraw from the outer world, as we seek inner guidance and truth. Notice as you try to escape the nonsense and the chatter of the outside world, the more you connect with your own world. Imagine yourself, as a seed who is re-exploring your own personal needs, as this is where we begin to initiate great thoughts into the Universe. During Tuesday’s New Moon, it is time to wipe away old behaviors, and start fresh with a new emotional approach. For example, the New Moon was in fiery Sagittarius last month, so perhaps in the past weeks you may have found yourself trying to advance through life and relationships with spontaneous reactions. of being blunt and truthful, or maybe you put on a happy mask as you listened and learned more. Now the dark moon is in Capricorn, where we reach deep inside of ourselves to do the necessary work toward our goal. Capricorn represents our business, career, our public image, family, home, property, government, responsibilities, ego, security, grandparents, self-respect, savings, retirement, social security, 401k, the dominating parent, our profession, reputation, and what we stand for. Shifts can occur in places of social status, leadership, melancholy, insurances, real estates, manufacturing, farms, our foods, how we produce, reproduce and mother earth. Capricorn rules the bones, teeth, and knees. Pluto (the terminator) is also transiting through Capricorn, sniffing out problem errors to remove what isn’t working, so that a healing can take place. Basically we can come face to face with some of our fears, reality, and the root of some of our deepest issues. So it’s like having something or someone that is slowly decaying and/or depreciating our worth in life, and extracting the rot to manifest a stronger foundation with new happiness.

We also have a special event with a Solar Eclipse, which magnifies all that happening. As above, so below, As within, so without. The power of the eclipse is powerful and intense, which is rumored to be quite chaotic ~ as these great forces create major transformations of the world that we know. Eclipses encourage that a release be made, in order for progress to happen. As one door shuts, another opens. The ecliptic energy lasts for about for about four to six months. So as the small seed, you are developing and gearing up for a brand new cycle in your life. It is a natural happening, when we stop trying to control situations in our life. It is evolution. Your emotions are intentions, escaping into the Universe, as you silently speak of your soul’s true desires. We are, what we think. Look into your natal chart as to what house the New Moon will fall into, to know which areas will be most affected in the months ahead.

If we want the good life, we’re going to have to wake up and see our life as it is, but we may choose to deny what has has been sitting right in front if us as Venus (desires) squares Neptune. If and/or when reality happens, sure… bubbles are popped which will mostly likely be chaotic. Venus can experience difficulty with her dreams coming true, but the  magical energy still exists, as we only need to try an alternate route to achieve success, rather than follow the same old road. Squares challenge us to be creative. Jupiter (abundance) and Uranus (change) conjunct one more time today, to inspire and support our dreams for expansion. Know what you want, and reach for the stars ~ for good fortune is highlighted as these two slow-moving outer planets trine Venus.  Take control of the steering wheel, and just throw away the map/gps to see where it takes you. Later tonight, New Moon conjuncts Mars (energy) which can excite us about tomorrow, or fuel frustrations if we can’t simply go with the flow. ‘Let go of who you are and start being who you can become.’ Tarot insight from the Eight of Pentacles rx/The Tower ~ You snooze, you lose.

Be on the lookout in the sky tonight for the Quadrantids meteor shower, which is suppose to be grand with all the excitement in the cosmos! It will be dark enough with no light from the moon, so let’s cross our fingers that the skies are clear, as I had a preview a few nights ago, and it was absolutely breath taking!

Make your stars work for you and have a magical day! Suzi


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