Venus enters Capricorn, The Art of Business & Relationships, Astrology for January 8, 2013

weelogoToday Venus leaves target practice and Sagittarius behind, to enter into Governess Capricorn. The lady will be in the house – and she wants loyalty and respect, so good manners, support, and effort are suggested. Needs will take on more serious dreams, that are much bigger. If understand our priorities, we’ll do what we need to do to reach them. So what happens, is that Venus will trade in her colorful wardrobe and elegant heels for the next four weeks, for a dark brown uniform and a pair of work boots. Yes, seriously. Just because the female energy is present, doesn’t mean that the rules are going to change, or even soften. No way, Jose. In fact, the rules may just get a little tougher, to see how bad we want to win the brass ring.

She could look a challenge, right in the eyes. Stevie Nicks

Venus rules values, money, and love. What we want in our relationships, business, finances, and personal growth will shift, and this can put us through an obstacle course regarding our needs. This means that it’s not a time to slack, because difficulties can rise – if they haven’t already. If we want more, we’re going to have to work just as hard as ever, to achieve goals. If we want respect, we’ll need to prove that we deserve it. (Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin happens to comes to mind). Then what will happen during this course, is that it will separate ‘the strong from the weak’, ‘the winners from the losers’, and ‘the pros from the amateurs’.

In Capricorn, success won’t be easy – but it can be worth every ounce of blood and sweat that we invest. It’s about doing our share in building and enforcing, from areas in the home and family, to business, finances, and status. With Venus in Capricorn is the ‘art of business’, and while we’ll want it ALL; status, power, love, money, respect… we’ll need to be realistic and determined, as well as responsible and committed. New partnerships can be formed under this cycle, while current relationships renew. Difficulties will come with the territory, but this will help to point us in the right direction. So if want it bad enough, we need to prioritize, and place it at the top of our ladder. Not somewhere in the middle, but as our ‘numero uno’. Then… we work for it, to earn it all. A need develops to conquer a mountain. Just be sure to know your mountain first, so that standards are reachable, and don’t lead to failure, as mentioned in the Devil tarot card.

Few people have the imagination for reality. Goethe

With Mars in Aquarius, our energy is fixed and dedicated, so losing is not an option. Imagination with creativity will help us to experiment with our options, so that we can find our own groove. But if/when the going gets tough, remember that Venus has experienced some very tough lessons during the past two years with Saturn in Libra. Now with Saturn in Scorpio for the next two and a half years, karmic transformations will be taking place. The energy from Venus in Capricorn can design our blueprints, to deliver what matters most.

I know what I have given you… I do not know what you have received. Antonio Porchia


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