Venus in Scorpio, Balance in the Dark

Evening the Score to Find Balance, Mercury in Libra, Venus in ScorpioIt’s a bit of an active week as Mercury the Winged Messenger exits analytical Virgo, to enter harmonious Libra on Monday. Now that we have assessed and prioritized collected information from the last few weeks, open minds begin to experience a sense of ‘airy-ness’. With more space to breathe again, intellectual thinking returns with a whole new decorative view.

A vibrant flow of interesting messages begin to stray our way, which can include some new ideas and refreshing advice. Information has a good chance of doubling during the next three weeks as Mercury transits informative Libra. Communications and direction will savor the scenic route as we seek the positivity of charm, social connections, agreeable negotiations, and inner peace. This can be a graceful shift that encourages us toward a smoother journey.

While freshly designed data and images find us, we’ll be more encouraged to notice how we’ve been looking at life and our relationships. Something begins to shift inwardly. Therefore the outside view begins to shift. In some small way, it’s a relief to be able to breathe again. Seems more promising to face forward. Change is in the air, and more options appear before our very eyes.

In this pleasant, cool breeze of Mercury in Libra, the more we want to know – the more we attract information. This blustery ‘back and forth’ movement as thoughts move in and out, will gently sway the scales of balance. Decision-making during this transit can difficult as our mind teeter-totters with direction between ‘what is right’, and ‘what is kind’. As uncertainty is experienced in this mental ping pong match, words begin to criss cross, while choices flip flop.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. Lao Tzu

Inner friction becomes turbulent and possibly earth-shaking with Monday’s Mars/Saturn square. Mars (energy) encourages an inner urge to create life to move us forward at a high speed, while Saturn (discipline) carefully steps on our break with a ‘whoaaa Nelly’, reminding us of our responsibilities. Duties that belong to others can inconveniently be dropped onto our lap. It’s energy that rides on fuel-injected ego, so how will you choose to use it? With sensitivities increased under an intense Scorpio Moon, we may feel the need to release in an extreme manner. With powerful forces in the air, it would be wise to lay low and let the storm pass. Use mindfulness.

Tarot Queen of CupsOn Wednesday, Venus will exit Libra, and enter the intense realm of Scorpio. During the next four weeks, this particular dark energy can be very unsettling for the gentle love goddess who rules values, love, and money. We’re going to want what we want, period. In the jealous/obsessive energy of Scorpio, we may be seduced  into sinking to a much lower level – just to feed our hunger.

Venus in Scorpio is powerful, viciously crafty, and very good at taking control, when it is least expected. Some will enjoy quietly tinkering with their target/victim, just to find out what makes them tick. Negotiations that are generously garnished with charm and elegance with Mercury in Libra, could very well have secret tactics as well as strings attached. Some lyrics from an eighties tune pops into my mind as I write about Venus in Scorpio: ‘watch out boy, she’ll chew you up… she’s a man-eater‘.

Don’t do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts. Henry Rollins

On a less dramatic note, Venus in Scorpio is simply craving loyalty and the ultimate love experience.. even though she already represents loyalty and the ultimate love experience. What she shares unselfishly, she wants in return. She is similar to the Queen of Cups in the tarot. Powerfully intuitive, insightful and loving. Venus in Scorpio, like the Queen of Cups draws us in with their magical energy. How we choose to use our magic (good or maybe ‘not so good’) comes from a very deep place in the heart. No excuses. No regrets. No apologies. But with fiery Mars in territorial Leo, we may be ready to instinctively react. To defend and protect what is ours (or assume to be ours). We may try to gain the attention we once had, maybe try to even an old score, or do what we feel entitled to. As we compete for the trophy to (re)gain our crown, we may want to consider the cost. This energy has the potential to pull us down to a lower level that feeds our ego, and its desire to possess and control.

At best, Venus in Scorpio, like the Queen of Cups, is love and self-sacrifice. Through her dark creative force, we can learn how to trust ourselves better, when we  choose to listen. We can learn that there is much more to gain, when we find the courage to release control. We can learn serenity, when we move with compassion.

Self-control may prove to be challenging in the weeks ahead – but if we can move inwardly, to separate ourselves from that which causes suffering – we can experience the empowering act of self-love.

Tarot insight from Death/KnightCups: Making room for something better.

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