Wanting More From Life. Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday afternoon, and during the next four weeks, we’ll be eager to taste what life truly has to offer. What matters most, expands generously. VenVenus in Sagittarius, Lucky in Love Astrologyus rules our values, and in the playful, wide range of Sagittarius, where our yearnings shall seduce us. Our most current importances may become a bit of a ‘free for all’ as we forfeit materialism, for something more higher, pure and meaningful.

With Venus in Sagittarius, our senses are drawn to a new sort of hunger, which can cause us to step out of bounds.. onto unfamiliar grounds. In this shift, we crave the enriching experiences that come from the simple act of living; from playful adventures, distant travel, mental journeys, spiritual learnings, as well as advanced understandings of ourselves and others. We value what is natural and honest, that may allow us to free from attachments and controlled holdings. We want to kick off our shoes, and dance barefooted with life – by grooving to the beat of our own drum – through our own learnings.

The soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on. Josiah Holland

Since Venus rules money and love, both catches on fire in her transit through lucky Sagittarius. New flirtations deliver new passions, while spending money on fun brings laughter and new friends. We can be lucky in love, but if we aren’t aware of what we are truly investing ourselves into – just as fast as this flame is lit, it can burn out just as quick. High risks come with gambles, and intensely heated desires can become flammable, where someone (or their wallet) could get nicely burned. Easy come, easy go. Savor the good tidings in these lucky fortunate vibrations to get the most, to take onto the next cycle.

Thank God I found the GOOD in goodbye. Beyoncé Knowles

In the late degrees of Mars in Leo, we’ll either be purring up a storm, or pouncing upon our target, while Mars moves into self-disciplined Virgo next week. And with the approaching Uranus/Pluto square, ‘change’ is the keyword as the energy is similar to a red-hot poker. We’re very much capable of throwing it all into the fire – for the fun of it, or in hopes to learn something more about ourselves, our relationships, or life – to GROW. Tarot insight from SevenSwords/Chariot: Reinvent your passion.

Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. Robert Jarvik

Two meteor showers coming up in October: In October, we have not one but two meteor showers. The first is the Draconid meteor shower, also sometimes called the Giacobinids, peaking on the night of October 7 and possibly still going the following evening. The second is the wonderful, classic Orionid meteor shower, peaking on the morning of October 21. Read more >>

Happy birthday to my husband Joe, my heart, my love.


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