Wednesday December 29 Horoscope

We could find our energy and/or efforts limited early on Wednesday December 29 as Mars squares Saturn. Mars wants to push us through barriers so that we can get closer to the stage, but Saturn steps in front and says ‘get back in line’. Tantrums and frustrations could cause some of us to react immaturely. ‘We want it, and we want it now’. Rather than waste valuable energy on a locked door and lost cause, find an alternative way to reach your goal today. Where there is a will, there’s a way. With Sun (identity), Pluto (power), and Mars (action) in ambitious Capricorn, our determination to succeed is viscous, and with Saturn in Libra (personal and/or professional relationships) as the referee, you’re going to pick up major resistance. In the afternoon, as Moon enters Scorpio’s murky waters, we’re encouraged to help ourselves to what we need, to satisfy our emotional cravings. Beware of manipulative tactics to gain control. The higher trait of Scorpio Moon is self-controlled, and knows when to ‘let go’ to gain personal power. ‘When I am anxious, I am living in the future. When I am depressed, I am living in the past. I am carefree when I live now.’ Tarot insight from The HighPriestess/Ace of Cups: Find direction by listening and trusting your higher voice within. Have a marvelous day, Starcana