Wednesday January 19 Horoscope

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsWe manage to utilize the Cancer Moon to our potential as we shield and protect our soft spots, to show others what we are made of. Cancer the Crab has a hard bullet-proof shell that we can use as military gear, so that we can go out and create history, without getting hurt or abused. In the afternoon a Moon/Uranus trine encourages a positive shift if we can distance ourself from the outside world, by flowing with the inner changes that we’ve been hoping for. Our adjustments could be quite grand and public with the Full Moon beaming down upon us. From the small seed where we planted our intentions on January fourth’s New Moon, all comes to light as our intentions and emotional approach are at full bloom. The Full Moon in Cancer can be highly intuitive and extremely defensive, as well as exceptionally passionate and powerfully impulsive. I think one of the things we should remember regarding our actions/reactions today, is that the Full Moon represents self-nurturing and inner need for unconditional love. If we feel that we aren’t receiving perfect love, we take it upon ourselves to cling on to what we have given, so that we can have something secure to comfort ourselves in. In a few minutes, Moon trines Jupiter, which enhances our joy and optimism to move forward.

Late afternoon, Luna hangs up her heavy-duty armor, to display her true strength in Leo. Here, we are encouraged to be proud and to follow our heart. Our theatrical side enters the limelight as we dominate the stage and the storyline. With a nearing Sun/Jupiter sextile, we’re beaming in a brilliant light as our chosen path replenishes our self-confidence and trust generously. Taking leadership and owning our responsibilities brings good fortune. Frustrations begin to develop in the late evening as a Moon/Mars opposition creates a deep desire to hold onto all the glitter. Too much energy and excitement, with no emotional outlet (or audience) can put a squeeze on our inner child. Try plunging into your delightful memories by journaling your adventure. ‘It is foolish for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself. Epicurus’. Today’s tarot insight comes from the Knight of Swords/Page of Swords rx: Honor yourself and speak your truth, but be available by listening and negotiating. Have a sun shiny day! Starcana

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