What Are You Fighting For, Sagittarius New Moon, Mars enters Libra

Astrology Blog, Mars in LibraSagittarius New Moon A powerful New Moon on December 2 provides us with a brand new emotional cycle. Whatever we may have happening in our current situation(s), we’ll be more encouraged to run with a new approach, in order to get what we need. In these quiet vibrations, be more aware of the powerful energy contained by becoming low-key and muted. If we can simply listen now, this would be the time to have that ‘one on one’ conversation with our heart. Listen to what we’re  feeling, to better understand where nurturing is genuinely needed. And during this deep conversation that we have with ourselves, we’ll automatically sow seeds of intentions for the New Moon, as the universe patiently waits and listens.

With the New Moon in optimistic Sagittarius, we benefit better results to what we’re dreaming of – if we create intentions around what Sagittarius rules: philosophy, adventures, gambling, travel, books and publishing, being the bachelor and the guru, parties and laughter, charity work and donating, legal areas and the law, listening and learning, honesty, sports, sales, religion, spirituality, and chasing dreams. Use this timing to be motivated into exploring new terrains and on the journey, not the destination. Reach for happiness and the stars, through the heart. Wishing you New Moon blessings!

Reach for happiness and the stars, through the heart.

Mercury enters Sagittarius To help steer us into a new direction, Mercury will change signs again, and enter philosopher Sagittarius on December 4. During the next three weeks, communications, thoughts, and short journeys will travel onto less familiar, but sunnier roads, to increase understanding and growth. We’ll seek truth, a spiritual truth, happiness, gratitude, the art of giving, the higher road, and the true meaning of life. Whether we’re traveling through the world, or journeying through the mind… we’ll be escalating what we already know… which helps us to expand who we are, and how far we’re willing to grow. More excitement is available as we branch out into new levels of thinking. We may even realize our potential by seeing how unlimited we actually are. The more we listen, the more the mind will digest. The more we learn, the more confidence is gained. And in this confidence, is optimism and trust that will challenge any fear that steps in our way. The only limitation will be our own imagination, so think big and think more.

Be wise in what you mentally absorb, and what you verbally share.

On the shadow side of Mercury in Sagittarius, our minds and thoughts can go into an extreme overload, which enforces a sense of clumsiness in our words and our approach. We may be more blunt during this period, speaking in much louder voices, bragging, and ‘talking the talk’. This of course can create sparks for ammunition, which could lead to fierce competitiveness in the meeting of the minds. This fiery energy could lead to disagreements, bickering, and heated arguments about ‘who knows more’ as well as ‘who’s right’. So while we are all seeking some sort of our own truth, be wise in what is mentally absorbed, and what is verbally shared.

One does not discover new lands without first consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Andre Gide

Mars enters Libra After the past weeks of Mars in earthy Virgo, new vibrations begin to shift as Mars enters into negotiable Libra on December 7. This is a hot flame in a breezy environment, and this energy can easily move us, as well as others, if we lack awareness and self-control. It’s aggressive and creative energy, and it’s fearless in making things happen – but in Libra, we need to know and respect the boundaries of others.

From now to July 2014, flammable Mars (also known as the God of War) is going to be comfortable hanging out in peaceful Libra, with her loving ruler Venus. Mars wants to do as he pleases, but Libra insists on communication. At the same time, this breath of fresh air will help to breathe new life into what we’re doing, but acting out on our inspirations will require much more higher thought, strategic planning, and especially better people skills. Not sure what that means? Are the words: ‘Please, May I, Thank You, and I’m Sorry’ a part of your daily vocabulary? Are things equal and honest? If not, you may want to start practicing these keywords, because we’ll be working hard to relate and connect with others – if we want to move ahead. Libra rules the house of relationships, partnerships, and enemies, and with Mars in there, we may try to devour all that we can from others, feeding our own selfish desires… but we’ll be expected to share our portion, meaning a percentage of fifty/fifty, not ten and ninety. This is the time to finally make it ‘right’, or get it ‘right’. Otherwise, we can expect to faced with a cold, friggid shoulder to separate the bond… if love, values, and money can’t be divided equally and balanced civilly. What comes to mind is ‘welcome to karma’.

With Mars in Libra, we’ll intellectualize our energy in ways to move with others – rather than moving and pushing through them. We’ll actively force ourselves to think more, create ideas, and to communicate with others more often. While we hope to be on the ‘go, go, go’ and do what we need to do, we could feel stunted in the energy it takes to pace ourselves. And with Mars in indecisive Libra, we could find ourselves just pacing back and forth with a lot of ‘should i’s’ or ‘i shouldn’t’ thoughts… when we’ll need to be concentrated on ‘should we’ or ‘we shouldn’t’. But in doing this, we can learn how to direct our energy better, while still getting along in life and our relationships. We can learn or be re-awakened to being more considerate of others and their ideas, while being less confrontational. With Mars in Libra, energy is fueled through our connection with others, so socializing, networking, relating, and teamwork can generously benefit us. Understand that in the long run, you will be learning to create balance with others – as you create balance for yourself. So reach out, and get to know others. Relate with your friends, your boss, fellow employees, your spouse, and even your children in ways that help you to get to know them, and who they ‘really’ are. Here’s a hint: If you aren’t asking them with real genuine questions, while patiently taking the time to listen to their full answer – then you probably don’t know much about them at all. You don’t have to believe me. The proof will be in those constant misunderstandings, inability to bond, and those severe backlashes that keep coming back at you.

If you want to ‘kill them’… then kill them with kindness.

Mars is a powerful force, and there is much that can be gained if we use it’s energy correctly. But in it’s shadow, it can be like a boxing match: competitive, angry, sly, quick to punch, and confrontational. And if you’re familiar with this situation, a couple of good questions to ask ‘ourselves’ would be: ‘who am I actually fighting?’ and ‘what am I actually fighting for?’. Go a little deeper with those questions by asking ourselves if we are fighting with ‘them’ or with ‘ourselves’. If the answer is clear, we’ll be sure to find out with Mars in cardinal Libra, triggering the chaotic and destructive energy of the Uranus/Pluto square ~ also known as a change for the better, you dig? Use charm or flattery, kind actions, politeness and consideration, and creative new ways to score points in the months ahead. In the meantime, detach from the ego, be someone marvelous, and most importantly, be mindful.

If you step on people in this life, you’re going to come back as a cockroach. Willie Davis

Tarot insight from SixPentaclesrx/KnightWands: Selfishness leads onto a different path. Want more insight? Check out your tarot card in December Tarotscope.


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    Thanks, Suzi, it’s a helpful write! Karma is my good lady friend right now and I’m not afraid of her. Even when she seems harsh, I always benefit. Wishing you love, goodness, success and much joy in these exciting times!

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    True Romance: True romance is the art of making love with your own life.” ~Kelton

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