what the heck IS cosmic dirt

magic happens.Cosmic Dirt is astrological writings of the planetary weather which will provide you with daily astrology insight into the moments ahead. Knowledge is power, and as the universe (cosmic) vibrates, this energy affects us here on earth (dirt)… which can create shifts in our work, business, and security…. our family, general relationships, and love interests…. as well as our own personal growth and individual life direction. My aim as I write the ‘Cosmic Dirt’ is to have fun with creative writing as I expand in my own journey, while helping to inspire and guide those who are looking for their own inner shine.
Many who know me, know that I’m a very simple person, so my astrological writings are simple and practical~ as I write for the real world, for real people with real situations ~ so that ‘everyone’ can understand and ‘get a piece of the boundless information’. I hope to share interesting and encouraging motivation, without forcing my own personal beliefs or childhood interest in astrology, tarot, etc, onto others. My planetary interpretations will be plain english, which will be fun for those who have some interest in this field… but will be practical enough for those who have no interest in the astro-babble, such as transits, degrees, conjunctions, etc.

I believe that whatever method, whether that be a religion, scientific, spiritual practice, morals, or as simple as the choices we make serves a purpose ~ and each of us have our own path to follow. And each of us choose to become a little more open, we learn more, and become more aware which takes us on a new path. It is truly ALL about ‘How can we be happy and make the MOST of this day? How can we grow as an individual? How can we vibrate energy to attract what we personally need to fulfill our own inner purpose in this life’? It’s all about learning, growing, and changing… and if it isn’t, then we settle, become comfortable, and years later, we become stagnant, moldy, and rigid.

When I came up with the name, a few people let me know the name was weird (um, but I LIKE weird), but I always make a reference as to how the heavens and universe’s vibrations influence us here on earth, which I decided on Cosmic (universe) Dirt (earth), a play on words. I have a lot of impact from Saturn and Uranus in my natal chart, which Saturn represents dirt and foundation, and Uranus as originality and change. So just as young seedling sprouts from the earth, we escape one perspective to see another. A deep change, represented by futuristic Uranus, as the seedling rebels from the protective soil to become its own unique being ~ yet still whole and one with it’s circle. It’s conservative (Saturn) AND liberal (Uranus) working together at its very finest. My work is about being you, but being available to learn AND grow (just as the seedling) to expand from your typical way of thinking, to develop, flourish, and bloom.

So like the name I created ‘Cosmic Dirt’: If you generally find dirt to be worthless, just because it’s dirt – you won’t really understand the point in my writings. But if you appreciate the simplicity of dirt and how one can create seeds to manifest magic with it, I hope that you find some value with what I share. Either way, my writings (my dirt, lol) are my free gift for those who enjoy feeding their brain with information from the natural forces and law of the universe. If you like what you read but prefer more personalized insight for what you are experiencing in your own situation, I am available for private consultations. Anyway, I recently decided to shed my old blog ‘astrological happenings‘ and join wordpress on my site’s server right before christmas, so this is brand spankin’ new and ‘under construction’, so if you enjoy my work, be sure to follow and subscribe for fresh dirt tomorrow.. which will be front page news, as the rest is tucked into the archives. I’m rambling lol. Thanks for your time, and enjoy todays latest cosmic dirt or try one of my professional, intuitive readings.~Suzi


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