When Shadows Become Real

When Shadows Become Real | Starcana Tarot Astrology Horoscope

Intense unsettledness could knock us off balance, with a good chance of causing us to lose composure this week. Unforeseen changes are in the air with the highly sensitive Mercury/Uranus opposition on Wednesday October 7. This vibe can cause deep restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, a sudden lack of interest or expressed irritations. Expect the unexpected.

This random shift could awaken a personal struggle with our own power and control, therefore causing a severe reaction when we don’t get what we want. With a storm brewing with the Mars/Pluto square on Friday October 9, watch out for disagreements, bully behavior, road rage, forceful demands, possible accidents and explosive fires.

The Mars/Pluto square is highly creative energy, particularly when we’re willing to pave unchartered soils to get where we’re going. In this process, there’s an opportunity to sacrifice what we’ve been anciently attached to, or to remove what has remained internally toxic. Purging is an extremely violent act, especially when creating healing for wellness, growth and evolution. Strive for compassion.

Panic is the sudden realization that everything around you is alive. William S. Burroughs

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It may be helpful to know that tricky Mercury will station retrograde next week. Be aware of incoming confusion, a shift in vision, careless words, arguments, a breakdown in communications, misunderstandings and some shifts in the weather. Create a safe shelter, because if/when the shite hits the fan – the debris intends to be a distraction. Take cover with what is rooted, to keep secure and stable. Unpredicted growth will be available with the surprising Venus/Uranus trine on Saturday October 10. Starcana tarot insight:  Through chaos, we realize what holds importance. [ThreeSwordsRx/AcePentacles]. Grab more insight with the October Tarotscope and stay grounded. ~Suzi

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