Working with a Pocketful of Sunshine, Venus enters Capricorn, Jupiter Retrograde

Venus in Capricorn, Cosmic Dirt Astrology BlogVenus enters Capricorn. On Tuesday, Venus will shift again, along with our values. In the recent weeks with Venus in Sagittarius, we were casually grazing upon the wide open plains where playfulness and freedom exist. We held onto to whatever (or whoever) that allowed us to do as we please, coming and going without notice, while experiencing life with no restrictions.

With Venus leaving Sagittarius and the bachelorette pad behind, we’re yearning for more than what we have recently settled for. Venus rules values, love, and money, and we’ll want to increase the value of our collections, as she transits through the serious realm of responsible Capricorn. Rather than playing the field and being irresponsible with what has mattered, we’ll enlist ourselves into this cold, dark place – called reality. Here is where we’ll distract ourselves from the ‘fun and easy’ living, to sample a good dose of our present, and the work ahead. This transit will last for the rest of the year, and through staying power, we may even become more familiar with our attachment to fear and commitment.

As Within, So Without.

Obviously, this isn’t a comfortable place for sweet, delicate Venus. But if we want to live ‘the high life’ or to become ‘one of the boys’ – then we’ll need to ‘man-up’ in this ‘man’s world’. If we want to add value to ourselves and the material things that we cling to, then we must come up with a better plan that pushes us to grow up, mature,  and ‘boss-up’. Venus in earthy Capricorn is not about painting an attractive image. It’s about getting dirty, digging our hands into the grime, and doing what we must, to build our empire. It’s our ambition that helps us to dedicate long hours, into serious man-power. To achieve our goals, we must learn to love and support ourselves properly. Serious self-nurturing. Venus in Capricorn is tough love. And in the end, love will conquer all.

When we’re ready to be genuinely involved with what holds value, we’ll be able to invest ourselves completely, one hundred percent. And as we do, we will be able to design a new appreciation for our colorless uniforms, gray prison walls, and steel-toed boots. Creating determination though hard work builds character, reinforces a firm handshake, while strengthening the integrity of our word. If we want respect, we must earn it. Outer beauty doesn’t necessarily contain substance. A house doesn’t mean it’s a home. It’s not what’s on the outside that matters… but what’s on the INSIDE.

Perfect love, Perfect trust.

Venus in Capricorn will increase our hunger for what could be.. a beautiful, powerful, and long-lasting thing. We’ll be wanting something (or someone) that we can call ‘home’ – that provides us with a strong foundation, traditional values, and secure structure. So with this thought, have you actually taken the time to ask yourself what you truly need? This will require a very deep conversation with your heart, especially since our emotional needs are magnified for the next three to six months ahead with the recent Ecliptic New Moon. Major changes will activate a new awareness for the purpose of evolution. If we can center ourselves with our personal New Moon intentions, we can encourage higher vibrations to help us find our way.

We must also be aware that Venus in Capricorn is an uncomfortable position. Depending on one’s birth chart or individual situation, inner frustrations can be supported with heavy fatigue and low energy (Mars in Virgo). So while others may look fine on the outside, we must remember to always be mindful, because we do not know they are experiencing on the inside. But not all is wasted, as Mars gravitates in earthy Virgo, creating focused energy. As we build new levels in our life, we’ll need to figure out if these new walls are creating security with loved ones, or for separating by creating a wedge. Mars in Virgo is going for perfection… so appreciate the low reserve of fuel, by using patience for quality decision-making.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. Rumi

Jupiter retrograde. On Thursday, Jupiter (the planet of abundance and fortune) will station retrograde until February next year. What we tend to look for and experience in the world around us, is abstractedly reversed – so that we might find what we are looking for, within. What we freely share and give to others will temporarily pause, so that we can share and give to ourselves. This is an inward journey, so that we can enjoy the happiness that already exists in us – because life can get dark and challenging at times, and that pocketful of sunshine can come in real handy.

With Jupiter in compassionate Cancer, we’ll have much to feel and learn through our months ahead. It will seem as if everything inside of us is promising us with a new vision, if we can detach from our ego, and UN-learn what we already know. This fortunate opportunity encourages us to reminisce with an old path, in order to see a higher purpose.. that will allow us to find our own way to what we should believe.

I always believe that is it much better to have a variety of religions, a variety of philosophies… Each religion has certain learning about them which can only enrich one’s own faith. the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

Mercury direct. After three weeks retrograde, Mercury stations direct on Sunday, and allows us to resume with moving forward with our communications, journeys, signing of important documents, and major purchases. It is still suggested that in the new few weeks that we continue to double check our ourselves and the fine line in contracts, as this timing can still be tricky and confusing.

Preach the Gospel at all times…if necessary, use words. St. Francis of Assisi

Tarot insight from TwoSwords/NinePentacles: What is so wrong, is what we need.

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