Starcana Cosmic Dirt ⭐️ Weekly Horoscope Forecast

Playing With Fire | Mars enters Sagittarius

Fiery passion is injected into the start of this new week as Moon exits from dreamy Pisces, and enters into warrior Aries on Monday January 22. The Aries Moon is favorable for new beginnings, start-up projects and fresh ways to tackle what remains unresolved. By getting in-touch with our deepest hunger; we can make the necessary sacrifice to chase down what we desire to conquer.  To take control of the week, move forward by embracing small baby steps. Create something positive that delivers joy, with the chance to shine. But to sit idle through this high-powered energy - life can shift and develop into a fiery ball of restlessness and agitation. Rather than be in control of our own doing - some may participate in the 'act of busyness', … [Read More...]

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