Starcana Cosmic Dirt ★ Astrological Forecast

An Ocean of Hope

New Moon blessings! In the midst of what has been decaying and falling away lately; if we dare to shift our footing onto something more solid, we can gain a whole new perspective into what we've been looking at. When gazing from a different angle, we should be able to see the beginning of a small glowing light that appears in the black hole we've been staring into. This small, glimmer of light could deliver a form of new inspiration and faith... or the light may reveal a new level of truth with Mercury in Scorpio. We'll be intrigued to dive down deeply into our own heart; where what truly matters is hidden with what we value under the penetrative Venus/Pluto sextile. Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates Sun enters Sagittarius. As we take … [Read More...]

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