Starcana Cosmic Dirt ⭐️ Energy Forecast

Committed to Reaching Higher | Capricorn New Moon, Venus, Sun enter Aquarius

This week begins with a transformational Jupiter/Pluto sextile on Monday January 15. In our pursuit for something more meaningful and bigger than us, this journey is going to steer us into the dark and unknown. New Moon intentions and goals will get a lot more serious under the New Moon on Tuesday January 16 - where Moon (emotions, security) joins Sun (ego, identity), Mercury (thoughts, communications, short trips), Venus (values, love, money), Saturn (discipline, responsibilities) and Pluto (purge, transformation) in self-made Capricorn. While energy tends to decrease under the New Moon, this sense of drowsiness or fatigue can often be a huge distraction. Remember to stay hydrated during this time, and practice self care. But even under … [Read More...]

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