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The lastest testimonials and real reviews of honest psychic reader who does genuine psychic readings.Accuracy, guidance and a trusting spirit. “Her voice and compassion through out her informative readings are encouraging. She talks to angels! Her energy is that of a best friend in which you seek advice. She’s a straight shooter. You’ll get your worries put to rest with a reading from Suzie. Everything you need to hear and that of which you don’t want to will come to light. If you want accuracy, guidance and a trusting spirit. You have that and more with Suzie. She rocks!! Suzi is my go to when my life gets chaotic. Sometimes I need a little clarity or encouragement. I feel the love and light after a reading with Suzie!” Claudine Commisso ❤❤

The lastest testimonials and real reviews of honest psychic reader who does genuine psychic readings.Spot on with so many complicated issues. “I am amazed at the clear, insightful and direct information I received from my reading with Suzi. She was spot on with so many complicated issues I have been struggling with and has shone a light on the answers and solutions to several dilemmas currently confronting me.This has helped me move forward with assurance. I highly recommend a session with Suzi. She is truly gifted, compassionate, and sees deeply into ones inner life.Thank you so much for the reading Suzi!” Geri Klughart

The lastest testimonials and real reviews of honest psychic reader who does genuine psychic readings.
Surprised yes, Regretful never. “I’ve known Suzi on FB for a while now and she is a very very sweet girl and as beautiful on the inside as out. She told me things that I’ve not told anyone and things I knew i needed to work on but needed a push when she did my reading. More or less a confirmation of you will. She not only told me in a very caring way that in so many ways it made me feel even more confident and comfortable. I actually have opened myself up to more what I need to work on. Especially saying no, and a lot of things she never knew about me but it felt As though she knew. I am to gifted and I can always tell if someone is full of it and my intuition always told me Suzi was the one to go to since I’ve had to many so called experiences. I can honestly say that my intuition was right on the money. Even when she had to tell me the sort of bad and was concerned wheter she was to hard. My response I rather someone be honest than just be sweet. Compassionate, loving and very true to the word gifted. And anyone that knows me would tell you I wouldn’t be on here saying this if it wasn’t true. I was charged just like anyone else, because just because we are friends doesn’t make me  more important than anyone else. She treated me just like a paying customer and that to me made me have more respect for her professionalism. I wil be back for another reading with Suzi Q and im not just saying this because she is a sweetheart  she more than less made me opened my eyes that no one else ever has and I appreciated that more than anything. Like I said before she knows me from FB but she doesn’t know everything about me personally but she knew it when she channeled into me. So any skeptics out there trust me when I said I was hesitant too, and honestly FB was the reason but when my intuition says go I now have learned the hard way. So if you want all honesty and a true gifted person with no BS. Suzi is the one that I know I will continue to go to and I’m happy I actually listened to my gut and I won’t look back anymore.” Diane Ward

The lastest testimonials and real reviews of honest psychic reader who does genuine psychic readings.My special guiding lights in this crazy cosmic world. “Suzi is a true gem! I love how she is able to put things into perspective in a clear and conscious way. When I reach out to her I know that I will seek the proper guidance that I need in any situation that may be troubling me at the moment. Her approach is straightforward but in a gentle and caring manner that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. She is one of my special guiding lights in this crazy cosmic world.” Blair Tripp

The lastest testimonials and real reviews of honest psychic reader who does genuine psychic readings.A very skilled empath. “I have been going to Suzi now for about a little over a year I believe. I usually get the email readings and I have called her once before too. She is a very skilled empath who really helps you access the present moment of the situation which to me is invaluable as a psychic. I swear by her tarotscopes as well. Highly recommend Suzi for readings! It is a very real reading that will get you results.” Sonia Ortiz

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I have never been disappointed after a reading. “I have been seeking guidance from Suzi since 2012 and she has been amazing. She is kind and funny. However, she tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.  I have received email and phone readings from Suzi. Although it should no longer come as a surprise, I am always floored by how accurate she is regarding the topics discussed. I’ve gained so much insight about myself and things going on in my life through her guidance. She is compassionate and understanding. She has guided me through situations when I desperately needed clarity. I have never been disappointed after a reading. I’m so grateful for Suzi and her willingness to share her gift with others. She is truly a blessing!” D.M.

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She is absolutely amazing at what she does! “I have gotten two astrology readings from Suzi and each time I hung up the phone inspired! She is absolutely amazing at what she does and I plan to keep her in my life as long as she allows me to. Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.” Michelle Evaristo-Almeida, Brick City Vintage


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Working with Suzi is the best decision I ever made when I knew my life needed a makeover. “It’s a difficult task to put into words just how insightful and helpful Suzi has been for me in learning who I am and what is it I’m supposed to be doing with myself.  When I started working with Suzi, my life was a bitter, angry thunderstorm and though I wasn’t granted instant sunshine, she was instantly able to let me see and appreciate the good in those storms.  Having a Leo Sun/Virgo Rising/Pisces Moon girl who always seemed to think she had a better idea or knew a shortcut or two, Suzi’s advice although heeded, wasn’t always followed as directed.  Amazingly, Suzi refused to give up on me and for those that have heard references to “The Boot”, that is ultimately what was suggested to be placed in my rear if I didn’t start paying attention! Suzi has a very unique way of explaining things so they make sense and are applicable to your situation.  Just hearing that Mars is in a frenzy and not being nice means absolutely nothing to me.  Suzi goes the extra mile to explain why and also gives you the how’s and what’s to deal with it and make the most out of the energy to benefit You, even if it hurts.  She won’t sugarcoat things and she will never tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear.  Working with Suzi is the best decision I ever made when I knew my life needed a makeover.  The person I am today doesn’t even recognize the girl I was when I found Suzi and while I’ve still got a ways to go, it’s wonderful to look back and see just how far I’ve come.  Suzi will make a difference in your life, she surely did in mine!” Sheree Holland

Honest genuine testimonials and comments for readingsI truly believe in my heart that I have a spirit guide in human form! “I truly believe in my heart that I have a spirit guide in human form! How else would she know me sooo well! Not only does she give me guidance she reads my hit the nail right on the head! Straight foward and amazingly accurate 10 times out 10. I have truly grown since I met and seeked guidance from Suzie.Also its amazing how she has managed to know whats going on in the present and help me to see my options. And when I have strayed away she helps me get back on track! unconditional guidance! Truly blessed to have found Suzie!” Ambra Gray

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She tells it like she believes it to be — no B.S. but with a positive attitude. “I’m writing to whole heartedly endorse Suzi’s services. I have consulted with her many times over a couple of years. I was and am a very skeptical person. However, Suzi has shown to my total satisfaction that she is, indeed, intuitive . She’s also kind, helpful and smart. She  tells it like she believes it to be — no B.S. but with a positive attitude.  And she has been quite accurate. Suzi has come forth with a couple of specific things that I truly didn’t believe. One time I was trying to ask her some questions and she kept saying something was coming up with my mom and directing me to my mom. I was a bit annoyed. I said my mom is FINE. I repeated that my elderly mom was doing great and never sick. Suzi said, ” well, maybe that is for another time but it keeps coming up.”  In fact, within days to weeks, my attention was totally on my mom who ended up in the hospital and under my care — totally unexpected circumstances.” Sherry B.

Customer comments and client testimonials for honest genuine, psychics and psychic readingsShe is the real deal and so worth consulting for life’s challenges. “I have such accolades for Suzi, I’ve recently had some career issues and really needed guidance, Suzi’s amazing reading gave me the confidence and insight to go forward with what needed to be done.  I feel so much gratitude for having Suzi’s wisdom help me with a tough situation.  I highly recommend Suzi’s readings, she is the real deal and so worth consulting for life’s challenges.  Thanks Suzi”!  Ever Grateful, Azan

Customer comments and client testimonials for honest genuine, psychics and psychic readings

She has been accurate and right about everything. She is very professional. “This girl is amazing! Always truthful and doesn’t lie to you at all! She has been accurate and right about everything! This woman ‘doesn’t ‘know me from Adam’, but she can target every mood and emotion that I’m feeling over the phone! She has become a confident that I can turn to and I would recommend anyone who is unsure about anything in their life (especially relationships!) should turn to Suzi! She is very professional and has been blessed with a true gift! I don’t like when people sugar coat anything! i don’t want to be lied to, thats why im calling in the first place! you dont have to worry about that with Suzi! She is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!” Elizabeth Zekir, Simple Indulgence Salon & Spa

Customer comments and client testimonials for honest genuine, psychics and psychic readings Always told me the truth. She is very straight forward and to the point. “I have known Suzi for the last 3 years. The first time i called her it was not to know about me but to find what this is all about and how can someone tell about you without even seeing you. I was amazed at the things that she has spoken to me about me and my situations and really was curious to find out more about me and what to look for the present timing. Since then i have been a frequent caller to her. She not only tells about the solution she has been a very good counselor to me and help me ease on my situation and always told me the truth. She is very straight forward and to the point, to make sure i get the best of the reading. She has been a great listener to me whenever i was low and guided me to the right direction or helped me to relieve my frustration or confusion. She is also great with the timeline which i have noticed so far even tho she doesn’t believe in it. Truly she is gifted and i would recommend her or at least give her a shot to see if i am right”. Annu Kytham

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It is WONDERFUL to have someone like Suzi Dronzek in your corner. “There are many “READERS” out there who will take advantage of your vunerability for there own personal gain. Suzi is NOT one of those!  Alot of things have happened in my personal life. Most of it not very good. I have felt lost and scared with what was happening. Like watching an ugly car wreck in slow motion.  I turned to Suzi to recieve some guidance and perspective in my life. With her talents and caring she has given me good advise and hope. I have been shown what I need to do and what actions I need to take to help MYSELF. Suzi tells me like it is and if I am not sure of anything she has no problem clarifiying it for me. When a person is facing hard times it is WONDERFUL to have someone like Suzi Dronzek in your corner. Her accuracy in what is happening in my life is spot on. I would highly recommend an e-mail or phone reading with Suzi. I have always come away feeling better about myself. If the day I am having is bad, I pull out one of her readings from my wallet and her words of encouragement and caring keep me focused. Thank You Suzi Dronzek! You are one of the best!” Scott Strohmeyer

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings. MOST TALENTED and PROFESSIONAL intuitive reader I have ever known. “If you need any guidance in your life – I HIGHLY recommend Suzi Dronzek as the MOST TALENTED and PROFESSIONAL intuitive reader I have ever known! Her ability to understand and analyze the situation with the help of tarot cards, astrology and her intuitiveness allows you to see things in your situation that you never thought you can be guided towards the better solution whatever it might be. Suzi is able to bring calmness and relief to any situation and is EXTREMELY ACCURATE; she never judges you or people involved and you can trust her words whenever needed. Suzi is also very sincere and friendly, you can count on her as a best friend who will listen to you, guide you and give the best advise in your situation, understanding not only you, but also other person/people involved to bring the best outcome. Suzi has has done a couple of readings for me and they were scaringly accurate, I will definitely contact her again for any guidance in my life in the near future. I really doubt there can be any other better ituitive readers than Suzi!. Many thanks for you Suzi and much love from me” ♥♥♥ Giedrė Burbaitė

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.

I highly recommend her. She hit the nail square on the head on every thing, nothing was amiss. “WOW!!  I have just had my third reading done by Suzi and her accuracy on my situation was uncanny.  She hit the nail square on the head on every thing, nothing was amiss. It is as if she knew me personally.  Her intuitive guidance has helped me tremendously to sort through and understand what is going on in my life.  If anyone has been considering on having a reading done you can put away your doubts or fears because Suzi is the real deal.  I highly recommend her and will keep coming back to her anytime I feel the need for further spiritual guidance.  She truly is blessed and is amazing!!” A Faithful Follower, Judy Ruggiero

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.Going to Suzi for your readings is a good investment. “Its always risky to pick up the phone, give your CC information and wait for the good news only to find out what was told to you was garbage. With Suzi I feel confident that I will be guided into a positive place. I was very impressed. She is very professional and a very caring person. She gives you real life advice. No lottery numbers. Advice you can use. She isn’t afraid to warn you if she sees something coming your way. She will give you the guidance on how to handle it. Her prices are reasonable and she will not try to keep on longer than you ask for. You can rest with confidence that going to Suzi for your readings is a good investment.” Jeanine Marie,


Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.

Accuracy, without me having to elaborate. “I have had several readings with Suzi which helped me through difficult times. After the first reading (which was an email reading), I knew I would be a returning customer. I was amazed at the things she picked up and at her accuracy without me having to elaborate.  I liked the fact that she was so perceptive and understood exactly how I felt.  She made me understand the situation by letting me know how other players in the particular situation felt. This enabled me to make the right decisions for me. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody.” Rukia

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.She has become a trusted spiritual adviser and friend. “I first approached Suzi for guidance during a period of tremendous upheaval in my life. She was kind, compassionate and has a great sense of humor, and instantly put me at ease.  She provided great insight and advice. However, she didn’t sugar-coat things and tell me what I wanted to hear. Instead, she told me what I need to hear and explained why she was giving me that information, so I could make positive changes. Her counsel helped tremendously and I was able to change many of the things in my life for the better. Suzi has a wonderful spiritual gift and she uses it to aid her clients in the best way possible.  She is honest, trustworthy and ethical in her approach. There are no gimmicks or hocus-pocus in her work; instead it’s about providing insight and information to her clients so that they can make changes for themselves of their own free will. That is one of the main reason I feel so comfortable returning to her for counsel and insight. That said, she’s someone just like you and me — subject to the ordinary, sad and wonderful parts of life we all experience. The difference is, she has a special gift, and she uses it for the betterment of her clients and mankind. She has become a trusted spiritual adviser and friend.” David M., Arlington, VA,

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.

Her readings illuminated exact circumstances. “I started using Suzi’s tarot reading service via email two years ago and was pleasantly surprised and impressed with her accuracy and “down to earth” approach and interpretations.  I found her to be sincere almost to a fault, and extremely compassionate, while allowing clients to draw their own conclusions from her readings and cards.  I have had several professional opportunities in which her readings illuminated exact circumstances that I was not aware of until they later, happened.  I have found her to be extremely intuitive to not only eventful information, but accurate in her spiritual assessments of her clients.  I enjoy using Suzi’s skills as a sort of personal barometer when I need constructive and clear options to choose from in any given situation”. Chris Young

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.She is prompt, professional, friendly….and eerily accurate. “I highly recommend Suzi’s services as I have found her readings to be truly amazing. She knows the unique ins and outs of any situation I’ve inquired about in my life. She has are way of seeing and knowing the situation as a whole, and then pointing out a perspective I’ve not been able to see within it. I have had career, personal and astrology readings from her..and all where accurate to my situation and helped me with future decisions within each one. I hold her answers to me in the highest regard as she has been the only reader I have ever seen (talked with) that has been accurate. She is prompt, professional, friendly….and eerily accurate!!”. L.Booher

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.She has been a wonderful teacher/mentor in  journey of self development, with Suzi my growth has been astounding. “I found Starcana in March of 2010. The first time I talked to Suzi, I was a “HOT MESS”, her kindness and compassion, calming way and sence of humor not to mention other qualities, she was like a big snuggley blanket filled with coconut cream pies, ice cream and chocolate candy all rolled up, she had me hooked! She has been a wonderful teacher/mentor in  journey of self development, with Suzi my growth has been astounding, she is no “CUPCAKE”,  she is tough love! I owe my growth to you, for you are not only spriitually gifted, brilliantly sarcastic, brutially honest and pushey, which is actually what I needed but you genuinely cared about me as a person/friend, not a client! You were the firecracker that ignited and inspired me to change! I am so releived, whatever the outcome is, I am at peace within myself! Her readings are right on the mark every time, she is very clear in what we have to do to reach YOUR spirtual and personal goals. I would highly recommend her!  I am greatfull to have found her. Love to you Suzi!” Maryann, Pennsylvania (P.S. Thank for everything you have done to help me become a better person and to grow. Most of all you helped me to become ME again. I know I was a tough student but had a loving and tough teacher. I could have never done this without your help. That is priceless!!!

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings. She is a talented reader and quite possibly one of the finest, most honest human beings I have ever known. “Whenever I need an accurate insight into the planets, I know that the one person I can count on for accurate and detailed information is Suzi Dronzek (aka Starcana).  Suzi knows her planets – and tarot cards – probably better than anyone I know. And better yet – she doles out that knowledge in a way that is warm, helpful and easy to understand.  She doesn’t waste my time with esoteric mumbo-jumbo – she gets right to the heart of the matter in a way that is really practical. And no matter how serious your situation may be, Suzi will guide you towards moving through your difficulties with grace.  She is a talented reader and quite possibly one of the finest, most honest human beings I have ever known”. Theresa Reed,

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.Reasonably priced, extremely accurate, and a genuinely friendly, trustworthy person. “I consider myself to be a very spiritual person, always seeking great insights into the spiritual realm.  When certain life events trouble or baffle me, I start to seek spiritual answers.  I have consulted various advisors, but have had a few negative experiences.  When I first seeked out the services of Starcana, my negative experiences came to a close.  When I am speaking about some life topics that are very personal to me, one of the most important factors for me is to be able to consult an advisor that I feel I can trust. Suzie helps to create this trust from the very beginning by answering all my questions and concerns about the services I will or may be receiving, and that there are no hidden fees or surprises that some advisors utilize.  Suzie’s relaxing tone of voice and reassuring manner made me feel as if I was speaking to a close friend rather than a psychic advisor.  She remains very non judgmental and possesses a very genuine demeanor.    After researching other psychic fees, I found that Suzie’s were extremely reasonable and fair, unlike many other psychic services.  I have consulted Suzie on various occasions, never to be let down.  On one occasion I had asked about a specific time frame for an event to occur, and she was 100% accurate as to the date that she had given me for the event to happen.  Suzie not only provides answers, but she also helps to make the most meaning out of them as possible.  She helped me to make meaning out of what was going on in my life.  If I didn’t understand something, she took the extra time to help me see it!  I love the fact that Suzie lets me know when the end of the session is approaching, so I have time to prepare any final thoughts or questions.  This is unlike some psychics, who just cut me off before in the middle of a topic close to my heart!  To sum it up, I will continue to consult Suzie in the future because she is fair, reasonably priced, extremely accurate, and a genuinely friendly, trustworthy person”! Melody,

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings. She ‘owns’ her abilities. I consider Suzi to be one of the BEST EVER who read for me. “I’ve had literally HUNDREDS (maybe more) of readings over the past 35 years (from working with the best readers from all over the world for about 25 of them). I consider Suzi to be one of the BEST EVER who read for me. Just astounding. If you have not had a reading with her, give yourself that gift. She tells it like it is with humor and so many happy vibes, you almost can’t wait to jet into the future she preps you for! The information Suzi imparted about an intensely personal family matter was something I didn’t set out to learn, but it was the most important thing I NEEDED to know that day. That’s what distinguishes Suzi from ‘just any reader’. She ‘owns’ her abilities, lets that insight flow through and delivers it with warmth and lightness.” Candice, NV.,

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.She is unusually intuitive and digs deep into hidden aspects of your psyche, which only you know about. “What I found wonderful and so refreshing about my reading with Suzi is her direct very honest and clear communication. I have had many readings with many talented Psychics, Suzi stands out in that she is unusually intuitive and digs deep into hidden aspects of your psyche, which only you know about.. She may not tell you what you were hoping for, but she tells it like it really is and ultimately serves as the best guide. I’ve had two readings thus far with Suzi and found they were incredibly helpful, I think when you find yourself needing guidance, Suzi is a very solid and helpful light, sometimes when you’re in the dark, all you need is the light to be turned on and Suzi does exactly that. I highly recommend her; she is a gifted, loving and helpful light in your life.” Warmly, Azan Kung

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.Has a passion for helping people. Knew specific things about me that only my closest friends and family know and were right on about everything. “At first I wasn’t sure about psychics, whether to believe them or not, but after meeting with you for the first time I knew you weren’t a scam. You knew specific things about me that only my closest friends and family know and were right on about everything. The advice you give is always right on, whether it be about relationships, career, or my well being and it is always helpful. Everything you talk about is very specific to my life. You lay out the decisions I have to make and tell me how you see each direction taking me in life. From little things to major decisions you bring everything up. You don’t tell me what to do but tell me the opportunities that lie ahead of me. You don’t make things up or just say things to make me feel better and I love that. Another main reason why I continually come to you is because I truly feel that you care. I don’t feel like you rush the reading or wait for the clock to run out of time like I know I even do at my job sometimes. We are actual people to you and when you talk I feel like you are somewhat of a mother figure giving advice on everything. It is comforting to know that someone cares and can truly put their all into their job. Anyone who talks to you can tell you have a passion for helping people. I would recommend you to anyone looking for reliable advice or guidance about their life. Your readings have helped me make better decisions in my own and have helped me be more prepared for the curveballs life throws every once in a while”. Darcy


Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.I have gone to her a few times in the course of the past two years. Suzi is the real deal. “I have always been skeptical about psychic readers because I’ve had numerous fake readings but Suzi is the real deal! I have gone to her a few times in the course of the past two years and not only what she said about the present was true but also predictions on what would happen. She makes her readings very comfortable and open to the way you like it. The option of asking specific questions is a great perk to her, because most psychic readers work around this. She is also a very sincere person. I was going through a rough patch and I feel that she adjusted the reading to make me realize and learn from the past as well as warn me what was to become. I would highly suggest her to anyone because she is a wonderful reader and person”. Kyli Miller

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.Helped me to avoid making mistakes. “I first turned to Suzi in 2008 when my marriage was failing. I was in a horrible position and was at a very low point in my life. Since then I have had several readings with Suzi. I have used and believed in the psychic realm in the past and also have had many “experiences” in my own life so I am a believer. Suzi immediately honed in on my relationship, my spouse and everything that was going on. It was a bad situation but she made me feel like everything was going to turn out alright. Between 2008 and 2010 I had several readings with her, and she was always spot on with what she was seeing and what was going to happen. She helped me to avoid making mistakes. She knew me so well that there were circumstances and experiences that unless she had a gift there was no way for her to know. She hit the entire relationship (and all its negativity) right on its head. And everything she said would happen in fact did. I came to find out later that Suzi and I went to school together. I did not know her well back then but sure am glad I know her now. So if you have a problem and are stuck for answers, or you need guidance to help you make an important decision – my advice would be to give her a call.  The help she gives is invaluable. She is a very valuable part of my life!” Julie Ray

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.Suzy is direct, honest and straightforward yet compassionate and makes you feel completely comfortable, like you are talking to an old friend. “I have had several readings with Suzi and never disappointed!  Suzi’s readings are insightful, right on target and always totally relevant to my current situation.  She has a way of providing clarity and encouragement in even the most seemingly hopeless situation and even helped uncover some issues from my past that relate to my present.  Suzy is direct, honest and straightforward yet compassionate and makes you feel completely comfortable, like you are talking to an old friend, and appreciate how very “real” she is. The clarity and direction her insight provided has proven invaluable and empowering and I am definitely looking forward to my next reading!” Mary Chachas

 Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.I trust Suzi with anything and she does not judge me. “I have known Suzi for about a year and she is awesome. I came across her on twitter and began reading all of her horoscopes she would post regularly and they accurate so after having some personal issues and was really down. I called Suzi and she was right on with everything and she was very professional and well just awesome to be honest. She is accurate and she tells me like it is but she also has a warm tactful way of doing so. She is very understanding and has a good warm heart.  I trust Suzi with anything and she does not judge me and trust me she knows some things about me haha. I definitely feel we have a work friendship thing going on. If you have any reservations about her don’t, she is the real deal”. Shelley F.

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings. Suzi is truly, tuned in, turned on, and tapped in. “Suzi Dronzek, founder of, is a true, reliable intuitive reader. I am stealing words from Abraham-Hicks but Suzi is truly, “tuned in, turned on, and tapped in.” If you are seeking guidance, or maybe you have already intuited your own life and recognize a need for clarity, Suzi can offer that. Of course, as with all things, we only receive what we are ready and willing to receive. I have found as I revisit the reading Suzi provided months ago, new, clearer guidance of hope and healing and encouragement. I wholeheartedly believe Suzi’s insights to be sound, clear, and originating from a reliable source, she is truly aligned with her guidance. Suzi is committed to providing direct, sincere information offered from a space of compassion and care for others.” Mairlyn Lightweaver

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings. If you feel like getting an *honest* reading – this is your girl. “I’ve been giving and receiving readings since I was 14, and I have to say that Starcana’s was one of the best I’d ever had.  It felt like I was talking to a girlfriend.  A girlfriend who made me say, “Oh, my God!”, and “Holy hell, how did you know that?”, repeatedly.  Even tho I’m a tarot reader, I don’t know a lot about astrology.  I was fascinated with the ease at which Starcana merged the cards and the stars.  It was pretty amazing, and I refer her whenever I can.   If you feel like getting an accurate reading.  If you feel like getting an *honest* reading – this is your girl.” Melissa,


Psychic Reading Testimonials

Suzi is so dead on its freaky. There’s just no way one can read with Suzi and not know she speaks from that of which she knows and sees; and there’s no mistaken it’s straight from her heart.  “Brazenly honest, empathetic, and astonishingly accurate are what you will find in Suzi, and in her readings with you, as well as always being spoken with in a caring manner. And her personal style of reading is most unique. There’s just no way one can read with Suzi and not know she speaks from that of which she knows and sees; and there’s no mistaken it’s straight from her heart. I have spoken with Suzi on several occasions and found the direction of our conversations circle back to the same principles each time. It was because I needed to not only learn, but HEAR what she was conveying to me; and I didn’t want to, for part of it anyway. Told me from day ONE, the situation I was in was not going to have a happy-ending and that I needed to learn what was being presented to me or the pattern would continue to repeat until I did. If you’ve ever read anything about, “Suzi’s boot up your butt” well this would be why-it’s when you call back & you’re in the SAME place. Sometimes though, it takes as long as it takes and there is a reason for these times. Just the same, Suzi is so dead on its freaky. She even knew about this person’s life and childhood, which I later found to be DEAD ON! I’ve read with a couple of other so-called “psychic advisors” who take your money and far worse, using PSYCHOLOGICAL methods in order to HOOK and PREY UPON the very vulnerable. Suzi will not and does not do this; it is not in her DNA to do so. I’m praying this isn’t too long so you can just get a taste of what one of these “advisors” wrote to me: 1) “Tracey, as soon as my secretary told me that you had just contacted me, I felt an intense call come to me from the beyond. I heard a voice saying to me: ‘Tracey needs your help right now because great events will be taking place very soon.’ I immediately stopped the work that I was finishing up and retreated to my private office to give your case the full necessary attention it required. Tracey, our meeting is no accident. I say this because I feel powerful transformative energies at work in your life right now as I write these words. The proof of this is that I’ve just now had a vision: Columbia that’s where happened.” (ME: Well no crap, she already knew this! And wouldn’t you proof-read before sending something so seemingly impt?). 2) “Please, note that I can only do that for people for which I feel a deep and special connection.” 3) “I want to express to you one more time, directly and honestly, all of the affection and empathy I have for your personal case.” (ME: BS of the Highest Order!!!) The only reason I failed to write this earlier, is because I wanted to wait for the full circle of her CONSITENT readings with me to come about, which I feel will be soon. And praying – let’s just be real honest here!” Tracey Oswald

Real comments, real testimonials of psychic readers and their psychic readings.Suzi was as delicate and plain speaking as possible with my reluctant, angry, closed-minded husband, encouraging him to ask direct questions. “As long as I can remember I have had a healthy interest in Astrology and in more recent years in Tarot as well. One day (a couple of summers ago) while feeding My curiosity and interest to connect with other Spiritual individuals I FORTUNATELY and Miraculously discovered “Suzi Starcana” on Twitter! I was Intrigued immediately because Suzi somehow knew EXACTLY what was happening in My life and the life of my husband and two children! (without ever meeting or speaking to any of us). Here I sit Two years later and I’ve hardly missed a day soaking up ANYTHING Suzi has got to share! I never did dream or imagine someone as “insightful” with a “knowing ability” existed quite like Suzi Starcana, tho I always did HOPE!. I’ve told EVERYONE that I know of Suzi’s GIFT! She is a GOLDMINE of information that guides me through Life on a very personal level daily. My confidence, faith & trust in Suzi’s “intuitive abilities” grew to the point that I gave My 22 yr old daughter a “Suzi Starcana Reading” for a Birthday present! Her and I have always dreamed of going to a “Physic”. My daughter was thrilled for the opportunity because I had built Suzi up so much! Her Birthday Reading was the Real Test because up until that point I had only read Suzi’s Cosmic Dirt & Monthly Tarot Forecasts. I told my daughter to get as comfortable as possible when making the call. She chose to go in her room for complete privacy. She didn’t come out for an HOUR as I waited anxiously only expecting a 30 minute call!…. The FIRST thing she did say after her personal Reading was “SUZI KNOWS EVERYTHING, I want to call her every week”!! My daughter simply stated her Date of Birth and Suzi began .. telling My Daughter in Great Detail much about her life and her Fiance’s life as well. Past, Present & Future included. Suzi encouraged questions. My daughter took notes and wrote down as much as she could, but said it was hard to keep up the writing and note taking because Suzi talked as fast as she was able to listen! She was excitedly baffled and hungry for MORE, MORE MORE!!! Obviously the GIFT of the Reading was the best gift she has EVER Received!. I was a HAPPY Mommy! More recently, in an attempt to save my troubled marriage as I had nowhere else to turn, I struck a painful deal with my husband and FINALLY convinced him to give Suzi a chance to help US. I pleaded with him to just listen. It was quite difficult because he is a non-believer in Astrology, Tarot or ANYTHING Spiritual so it’s a sore subject. Suzi was as delicate and plain speaking as possible with my reluctant, angry, closed-minded husband, encouraging him to ask direct questions. Without hardly any help from him in what he was seeking by making the call, Suzi was able to provide GREAT Intuitive Insight into his life, but naturally he didn’t get as much from The Reading as my daughter did, because like I said, he was a non-believer. Suzi didn’t necessarily have GREAT News for him, but did speak as much HEAVY Truth as he was “willing” to listen to. Suzi did what she could to help, even suggesting marriage counseling, simply by hearing his Date of Birth and probing him for questions that he might want answers too. As the days & months have gone by since his Reading I have painfully watched The TRUTH that Suzi provided my husband with play out and unfold. Especially about how hard he was going to have to PUSH Himself to WORK HARD until October, then after that time he would find out that all that hard work and efforts could finally be fruitful. It’s September (a couple of months after his reading) and He is now in a Drug Treatment physicality, after suffering a paralyzing stroke on August 13th, due to a severe addiction to pain killers along with blockage on both side of in his neck. After nine days in the hospital, upon returning home lab results came back from his primary care doctor with the news to either stop the drugs or die because his liver was so badly damaged. His secret had surfaced and his future looks bleak. Our future together appears bleak at the present moment. He became suicidal with this developing news and I sought professional help to forcefully get him into Rehab. He had never admitted to a Drug Problem before the Stroke occurred, though it was painfully obvious he wasn’t well. Suzi saw all of this unfolding in his “Reading” and Monthly Tarot-Scopes with EVERY PRECIOUS Word she wrote and said. She warned him of what he was facing and she couldn’t have been more accurate! To this day I have not given myself the luxury of a Personal Reading, but I can assure you it will be SOON, because I AM Worth It AND I want to know if I will get my husband back!. Tho, it’s not necessary with all the information she provides FREE Daily through her Cosmic Dirt and Monthly Tarot-Scopes. A night does not pass without Me thanking God for putting Suzi in my life’s path… She selflessly devotes her life to helping others with her unique GIFT & Intuitive Power. Suzi is My Hero and I know A Hero to MANY MANY Others! Thank You could not begin to express my gratitude toward Suzi, she is By Far the Most Fascinating, Gifted, Spiritual, individual I have met in ALL of my Life!!” Jami Thorsen

★★★★★ More 5 Star Ratings ★★★★★

Truly remarkable! I have just had my first reading with Suzi and it was a beautiful, spiritual experiene. She was right on in every aspect of my life that we discussed. She has a keen awareness of life issues and relationships. Thank you Suzi!! Your guidance and insight gave me plenty to think about and work on for the days ahead. You’re really a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing your gift with me! Blessings, Alane

I come from a long line of psychically-gifted individuals and have been blessed to have many talented people in My life who offer guidance with love and trust. Starcana is one of (if not THE) most gifted people I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. You have NEVER been “off” in your forecasts and your generosity and commitment to positive-love-guidance is a true blessing! Thank you for daily opportunities to make My life flow in a most empowered and beautiful way! Didi

I had to tell you that it is amazing to me that some information you told me was dead on! I know you do alot of readings so you might not remember but you had read to me I asked you about a precise time that I would have contact with my friend again and you said you got all 1’s that came up. WEll you were right!!! I got an email from him today…so weird! Wow you really have a special ability! I thought that was so cool….well, i got really happy and excited..i havnt’ talked to him yet but to know he contacted me just when you said made me really happy…I do know though i gotta probably not act so crazy with him and be careful not to give in to extra emotions prompted by him! well we’ll see what happens next but i just had to tell you cause i thought that date thing was amazing! Thanks for your insights and have a good day..i;ll definitly consult you in the future if need be! love, Melody

I have used Suzie’s services as a reader on many occasions. She gave me very good readings, precise and to the point. She answered my questions and helped me in many ways. I enjoy talking to her, she has sense of humor…has a cheery attitude and uplifts your spirits. She feels with your ordeal, is sincere in her readings and gives you great insight. She comes from a place of caring and it is apparent that she is good at her work. I love getting readings with Suzi! Regards, Miss Mashael

I have always thought to go to Tarot Reader and see what my future holds. But everytime i wasnt sure. Today out of blue i felt i need to talk to someone and was browseing through net and found Suzi and called her. It started out with Fun but after the reading it went more towards counceling, towards my issues and how to deal them. Its been 3 years that i wanted an insight on few things and with this conversation with Suzi and the guidence that she has given hope to see there a positive outcome. Thanks Suzi for ur advice and hopeing things would work in my favour. i will update you guys on my progress. Anu

Thank you for being you, sometimes life takes us down some dark lonely paths. you are a flickering light ,in a rather dark time of change.Just want you to know your hard work helps people,like me. Thank You Flo

Hi Suzi, Thank you for responding to my email. I really did appreciate the previous email reading you did for me, I felt that the questions I asked were answered, and your response was clear and concise. Tammy

Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Ayala

“Hi Suzy, I wanted to say thanks for the reading and for your kindness and professionalism. Too many readers are lacking in both areas so it was much appreciated. Everything was understood and right on with the reading. I will save it as always and have an update sometime later this year. Thanks again”. Sincerely Jeff.

I spoke with Suzi yesterday for the first time. I found her several months ago, facebooked her and followed her threads. Had a little dilemma that I wanted clarity on and called her up without warning. She answered the phone:)! We did a session and I feel so clear about my direction and very grateful to know someone that is so accessible. My decisions today are more confident because of the chat with you Suzi. Thank you so much – I “knew” you would be the right person for me. Really appreciate you. Patricia W.

I just had another reading by Suzi and the woman is truly amazing and gifted. She hit the nail square on the head with everything. It was as if she knew me personally giving me guidance and insight. She is kind, caring and compassionate and “AWESOME” in every way. I will continue to have Suzi do my readings for me. When you’ve found the best there is there is no need to look for anyone else. Suzi is the “BEST”. I recommend her with the highest regard to anyone wanting to hear the truth. Judy R.

Suzi is very good at what she does. I’ve had other readings with other people, and she is one of the best. She is very specific in answering your questions and offers great insight to help point you in the right direction. She has given me a much better understanding of my situation, and to her I am thankful. If you want a reading from someone who has a real gift to help people, contact Suzi. Jodie G.


I called Suzi several months ago for the first time about a very complicated situation I am now finally out of. Was going to say “working my way out of”, but don’t want another boot up my butt! LOL. And by that I mean to say that Suzi will tell you the truth in the kindest of manner. So, I had to tell her just yesterday to let me have it exactly, and not be so tactful b/c SOME of us need that. I did check in w/ another person who I believe has some “psychic” ability, but in honesty, I believe her interest lay w/ the “company” for whom she worked; and she not only advised me oppositely of what Suzi did, she was dead wrong to do so and I knew it. I felt it. I knew what I was doing was wrong for me, but I did not want to believe it. We all have a knowingness or instinct or intuition, whatever you wish to term it, and we need to pay attention to it – Suzi will show you how. Tracey O.


Suzi has read for me a few times, and each time she is incredibly accurate, she has a very sweet and soft nature of relaying the message as well. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to know what the cards are calling for, and with Suzi’s help you always get a better understanding of what’s going on in your life. What I love the most is how caring and sweet she is, it’s as though your chatting with your good friend, and your actually able to take that advice. Frankie A.

I called Suzi in desperation when I was in the throes of terrible relationship issues and uncertainties with the love of my life. She assured me that he loves me unconditionally, would die for me, and that all would work out well…..AFTER…..I got myself together (she wasn’t so gentle but she was straight, and I needed the wake up call). I had a hard time believing her because everything that was happening seemed to demonstrate just the opposite. Four long, hard months went by, and I was convinced I had blown it in a BIG way, that there was no chance for a reconciliation. BUT….I was WRONG and Suz was RIGHT!!! This eclipse provided the magic and the miracle our relationship needed. I did the HARD work that Suzi told me I needed to do, and now my love and I are back on track with a clean slate. Best of all, he told me things that I’ve never heard from anyone else. Baiscally, what he said proved Suzi’s statements that he loves me unconditionally and would die for me. I am rejoicing and I am so grateful to Suzi. I am grateful for her honesty, her integrity and her talent. I am always recommending her. If you want to be told what you want to hear, go to someone else. If you want to be told what you need to hear, go to SUZI!!! Love ya, dear one! Eileen T.


Suzi is amazing. I’ve had a few readings with her and with her insight and guidance, my life is back on track. She touched my soul, thawed my heart and helped me believe in ME again. I highly recommend a reading with Suzi, she will give you the tools you need to understand your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Suzi is the REAL deal! Sheree H.


“Hi Susy, It’s nice to receive an Emile from a real person, and not an automatic reply from a computer. Just for that, thank you.” ~CG


Hello, dear! I just had to tell you that you were RIGHT!!!! I have spent the past 4 months genuinely believing that Mohamed and I were done for good with no hope of repair or reconcilliation. THANK GOD for this eclipse!!! We are back together again. He told me things that validate your first reading about him, our relationship, and how he feels about me. He told me that even though I get crazy sometimes and really piss him off at times that his love for me is very deep. He told me that he wants to prove to me that he can stand on his own two feet, that he can take care of me and will always take care of me, and that he loves me more than he even cares for himself. He also said that he wants to make sure that I KNOW that he loves me for only myself and not because of anything I could do for him. It was better than a romance novel/movie, and what my heart of hearts has been waiting for all my life. I want to be able to shout from the top of the mountain, but in the end, I know that really, only you, will understand, having given me such invaluable insight from your readings. Thanks a million! Grazie mille!!! All the best, Eileen

“Dear Suzi, Many thanks for your reading and I must admit that I was very impressed by the depth and clarity of it. You went far beyond why. You are truly a mind reader and is amazing the way you can also read what is really going on on both our minds. Thank you so much dear Suzi and bless you again and again for being they way you are!” ~Love, JM