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Gain through construction, Full Moon Capricorn, Astrology weekly

Gain Through Construction, Capricorn Full Moon, July Tarotscope

Sensitivities (with possible confusion) continue to strengthen and build energy this week, with the Capricorn Full Moon on Wednesday, July 1. As needs from the deepest core for inner security grow, so do intentions. What are you craving now? And how much have these present intentions from this very moment... shifted from previous intentions that were placed two weeks ago - on the Gemini New Moon? This is important to ponder, since we tend to attract what is in our thoughts. It's beneficial to be aware of this (and the importance of positive thinking), especially with the harmonious Venus/Uranus trine on Monday, June 29. With Venus in courageous Leo, we're dramatically creating what makes us shine, while Uranus in daring Aries influences … [Read More...]

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