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To Purge Is To Heal. Scorpio New Moon

Intense energy continues to seduce us this week, as Mercury (thoughts, communications, journeys) joins Sun (ego, identity) in Scorpio on Monday, October 24. What seems to be leading us, is coming from within, where our most private desires, intimate jealousies, and darkest temptations have been withheld and caged. As vision intensifies - loving kindness, brutal truth or stinging words will begin to penetrate - to investigate what has already begun to deteriorate and shift. This unstable mind cannot be held steady. Attached to duality, it wanders in the ten directions. It is a poisonous worm, drenched with poison, and in poison it rots away. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Subscribe to Starcana Cosmic Dirt As observation intensifies over the next … [Read More...]

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