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Tough against the wind, Taurus Moon, Mercury retrograde

Tough Against The Wind, Taurus New Moon, Mercury Retrograde

Through transformation of the recent Scorpion Full Moon, we've become unleashed and unlimited with Mars in Gemini. In this new breath for life, we've entered a fresh sense of freedom. And through all of the hustle and bustle, we still haven't quite found (or settled) into what we were looking for. All this time, space and opportunity - yet seemingly, we dont seem to be going anywhere, or doing anything productive to show for our time (Saturn). Taurus New Moon. The Taurus New Moon on Monday May 18, can help for us to settle and find direction - if we're willing to be still, to quietly connect with the needs of our heart. This new lunar cycle will enhance our latest cravings, while encouraging a new emotional approach toward what we yearn … [Read More...]

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