Starcana Cosmic Dirt ⭐️ Weekly Energy Forecast

Intensely Searching for Peace.

As we attempt to create inner security through self-awareness and analyzation from the recent Virgo New Moon; the powerful Sun (identity, ego) will move from observant Virgo and into diplomatic Libra on the Autumn Equinox, Tuesday September 22. During the next four weeks with Sun in Libra, we’ll be led to live a peaceful path through honesty, friendlier relations, subtle attractions, equality and social gracefulness. While gently walking into the light, it’s quite likely that some of our secrets and buried shadows will be revealed. This could upset the balance, along with the challenges from the obsessive Mercury/Pluto square on Monday September 21, a heavy Mercury/Saturn square on Wednesday September 23 and a defensive Mercury/Mars … [Read More...]

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