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Scorpio Full Moon

Live and Let Die. Scorpio Full Moon, May Tarotscope, Mercury In Gemini

Communications will the highlight this week, as Mercury flees from practical Taurus on Thursday April 30; to socialize in chatty Gemini. In the weeks ahead, the way we process thoughts will be dismantled, so that original ideas may be unleashed and thrown into the wind. By cleverly shifting our course with some clean air that stimulates imagination and inspiration, we can create a new form of freedom, from that which was perceived as stuffy and stale. The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision. Helen Keller Positive changes can be found by strolling onto the alternate route, where fresh concepts can multiply as Mercury transits Gemini. Attempts to break away from concrete beliefs and behaviors can … [Read More...]

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