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Heart Pendulum, Swaying To and Fro New Moon Astrology

Make It or Break it.

There seems to be a pestering distraction that feels the air. Something is trying to get our attention. Have you noticed or experienced this energetic disturbance too? If so, you may have found yourself more receptive (or responsive) to these strange vibrations, which would've encouraged a need to escape from the outer world, so that we could turn inward. As we aim to re-connect with our inner self, we have a better chance to deeply ponder and explore what may leave us feeling intrigued and attracted, yet distant and detached at the same time. Libra New Moon. Interesting enough (well, at least to me), I'm in good health. Yet I've felt a bit more off-balanced and ungrounded in the few days, although I am busy with work and business, … [Read More...]

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