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mars in aries, where are you going

Fierce Intentions to Launch Forward, Mars enters Aries

Mars enters his natural home in Aries on Thursday, February 19, 2015. During the next six weeks, red-hot Mars (energy, action) guarantees to rev our engines, burn rubber hard, and drive our passion forward - into those unfamiliar places on the burning horizon. And out there, in the land of the unknown - we're pretty certain that there must be a better way of experiencing 'the thrill of all thrills', so that we can live life to it's fullest again. You know, to get us out of the same old boring patterns; by daring us to confront our fears, while excitement and laughter accompany us in our travel. A moment that leaves us raw and torn, but taught our heart how to beat and yearn again. Perhaps you've already heard your own personal calling... … [Read More...]

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