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Embrace the cracks, Virgo Full Moon

Embracing Our Cracks for Self-Improvement, Virgo Full Moon

Even though a few of us could still be a bit drowsy from the recent Pisces season, something from a far-off distance has been trying to come forth and transmit individual information our way. Brilliant lights of data that act as a spontaneous flash (and reoccurring distraction) disrupted our regular daily system, in order to 'wake us' from our comfortably numb routine(s). And in our busy, yet ordinary moments; a few of us might have grasped a fraction of the intelligence that had been transmitted through a higher frequency. If this was so, we were brought into a new level of awareness, recognizing that we've only been existing and not actually living and chasing our dreams - because of our own limited perspectives and habitual … [Read More...]

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