Intuitive Phone Readings, Intuitive Phone Guidance

Suzi Cavallo Dronzek; Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Reader, Intuitive Life Guidance in Greensburg PA Pennsylvania

Intuitive Life Consultant, Astrology Tarot Reader, Spiritual Advisor, Cosmic Writer

Intuitive readings and intuitive life guidance are insightful talk sessions that are private and personalized; for those seeking clarity, insight, grounded advice and soulful guidance for direction in relationships and matters of the heart, self-analyzation and spiritual development and/or whatever else may be distracting, confusing or worrying you.

Hours: Monday through Friday 10am-6pm EST  
• Evenings: Mondays & Tuesdays 10am-8pm

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  Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Debit Bank Cards accepted.
• 15 minute session……. $25.00
• 30 minute session……. $50.00
• 45 minute session……. $75.00
• 60 minute session….. $100.00
• 90 minute session….. $150.00

Procedure: No appointment is necessary! One-on-one sessions are private and ‘first come, first served’. This is my service, so I’m the only person that you’ll speak with. When I’m busy with a client: you can try back in about twenty minutes, or just leave me a message with your call-back number. If your time is limited, reserve a guaranteed time-slot, just call or email me to schedule an appointment.
Satisfaction Guaranteed! First session is discounted $10.00 for trying my service! 
Billing: Talk-time rate is $1.67 per minute; designed to be affordable for ANY budget! I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Debit/Bank Cards – which are authorized while you wait! I also accept PayPal for pre-paid sessions. After your credit/bank card is authorized, your time will begin; and time will end when we hang up. Service is always professional, honest, friendly, ethical and non-judgmental. Sessions billed as: Starcana Life Guidance.

Starcana Life Guidance services are available by: Phone | Email | In-Person | 24 Hour Psychic Hotline | Weekly Horoscope